Chiropractor Salary

The average salary of medical biller in US is $66,160.

If you are training to become a Chiropractor or is in deciding phase then the first question you must be worry about is how much a chiropractor can made. It is a very good question indeed as chiropractor is a medical profession that requires studying for years, fees, tuition and other kind of expenses. However, it is also a field that can give you a better future with good salary and work demand.

A Chiropractor can practice his field in places like schools, hospitals and clinics. The area and place where the Chiropractor is working can determine his overall salary. For giving a clear idea, the data present here relating Chiropractors salary is determined by their work of 40 hours per week which makes a total of 2080 hours in a year. The US Government Bureau of Labor Statistics has calculated the salary by collecting data from different sources.

A Chiropractor treats it patients by massage and manipulation for curing back, neck and other body parts problems. As for the salary, Chiropractors makes $66,000 in a year.

Hourly Salary

Chiropractor’s average hourly salary is $31.81. Those that comes in lowest 10% makes little less than $15 per hour and the upper 10% makes $68.70 or more per hour.

Annually Salary

The annual average salary of chiropractor is calculated to be $66,160. The lowest 10% makes $31,030 per year while the upper 10% makes $142,000 in a year. These values of salaries are taken out by calculating average or mean.

Lowest and Highest Chiropractor Salaries

A chiropractor can earn or is paid as less as $32,000 in a year. The highest salary a chiropractor is paid is over $160,000 annually.

Top 5 States to be a Chiropractor

Chiropractors earn best in these states:

  • Alaska $157,420
  • Massachusetts $160,340
  • Ohio $126,060
  • Washington $97,160
  • North Carolina $113,330

Top 5 Metropolitan Areas to be a Chiropractor

If you are a chiropractor then you are paid best in these cities or metropolitan areas:

  • Anchorage AK $167,280
  • Akron OH $152,870
  • Spokane WA $173,220
  • Camden NJ $158,270
  • Rockford IL $146,900


Employment vs. Private Practice

Chiropractors are mostly self-employed. They need one to five employees to make a small personal business.

Employment Data

According to the employment data presented by the US Department of Labor, there are almost 28,000 chiropractors working in the U.S. at national level. The majority of these chiropractors work in a clinic or an office.

Where Chiropractors Work

The majority of the chiropractors working in U.S., which rounds up to 26,000, are working in clinics or offices. These people are also getting the best salary a chiropractor can make. Some chiropractors are performing their services in chiropractic colleges and universities and are earning $92,000 which is their mean annual salary.


An annual bonus for chiropractors is same that is gained from single owner business or small businesses. A chiropractor can get an employment benefits package of $20,000 per year.

For Chiropractors that are running a small business or managing a small group with five or less employees can provide self benefits. This includes a job package with vacations, 401K, healthcare benefits and short term disability.


What are the duties of the Chiropractor?

A person who practices chiropractic is known as a chiropractor. Chiropractic is a way of diagnosing and treating the problems of spine or the musculoskeletal system. According to chiropractors, the problem in spine is the reason of illnesses and diseases as it disturbs the natural flow of energy in the body. Chiropractors use hands to fix the misalignments of vertebrae.

Generally, chiropractors help to heal the problems of neck, back and shoulder by massaging or treating skeletal system of the body.

The question how much a person can make with a certain profession is always present in the mind of those who want to get trained in that profession. The main reason here is the cost of studies that a profession requires. A well paying carrier will also demand high fees to train. That is why it is better to have knowledge of how much you will invest in the field and what you will be earning after you get your licensed Degree.

What is the Cost of Chiropractic Education?

For becoming a licensed chiropractor you will require $50,000 to $120,000. Your overall fee will depend upon your education program and the education center or institute you took admission in. Chiropractic learning also requires years of learning. It takes 6 to 8 years on average to train for chiropractic and after that you take the license exams to complete your studies. It is clear that to become a chiropractor you will require a good amount of money and need to spend many years in learning.

In this profession, you can get financial aids and grants from yours or other institutions and the federal government can also help you this way. You can always go for Scholarship which is a better option if you can avail it. You can also become a working-student to meet your demands.

The best place to get a part-time job for making money for your chiropractic studies is by working at a chiropractic clinic. Working as an assistant or intern will help you financially and also you will gain a lot of experience in your field.

Although, you will have to work hard to meet up your financial needs but you can compare this work with the amount of salary you will be making when you master your profession.


Official Chiropractor Salary

You can find out about the salaries of different professions in U.S. by checking the statistics from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The statistics of BLS shows that in the year 2012, the chiropractors made an average salary of $79,550 annually. Note that this is just the average number; it is very much possible for people to make a lot more since this field can grant you more if you work at right place. The good news for Chiropractors is that the statistics shows that in the year 2013 the average salary raised from $79,550 annually to $132,089 per year.

The data collected in the year 2012 showed that there are 27,740 chiropractors employed in U.S. How much salary these individual earn each year is determined by the location, place, experience and skills. Therefore, there are many things that affect how much salary a chiropractor earns annually.

Chiropractors in the lower 10% of the population make $14.92 hourly which is equal to $31,030 per year. Those in 90% of the population make $68.73 hourly which sums up to $142,950 per year.

Highest Paying States

Chiropractors can earn better salaries in different states. If you are a licensed chiropractor then moving to any one of these states can increase your chances of making more money.

  • In Alaska, there are 80 chiropractors who are registered and they earn an average of $157,420 per year.
  • In Massachusetts, there are 440 chiropractors employed who are earning an annual salary of $106,340.
  • In Washington, there are 800 employed chiropractors who are earning $97,160 per annum.
  • In Ohio, there are 1,020 chiropractors who are earning $126,060 annual pay.
  • In North Carolina, there are 670 chiropractors who are earning $113,330 per year.

 Average Paying States

The above mentioned states are the most paying in the field of chiropractic. However, there are other states that may not pay the highest but still provide a better profession to chiropractors. These states are hiring more chiropractors to meet up their demand put by the patients who want to use better methods for healing. These states might not pay the highest annual salaries but for anyone who can easily settle in these states can continue a successful profession as chiropractors. These states are:

  • California has 2,030 chiropractors who earn $78,800 annually.
  • Illinois has 1,790 chiropractors who are receiving $91,460 per annum.
  • Florida employed 1,820 chiropractors who earn average of $77,310 per year.
  • Michigan has 1,480 chiropractors who earn $76,330 per year.
  • Texas has 1,670 chiropractors who earn $57,370 annually.

By seeing all these statistics you might see the field of chiropractic is the right profession for you. It is good but you should first have to gain knowledge about your field. Many patients nowadays don’t go for surgery for healing and looking for other ways. So it is better to first learn how you can make good salary as a chiropractor.

Factors Affecting Chiropractor Salary

Things that can affect the salary of chiropractors are:

  • First look at the size and place where the practice is being done. Then look for the numbers of chiropractors employed, how much patients you receive and how long the practice is in work. This will determine the total amount of salary you can make for that location. The more of these numbers are, the higher are the chances of better pay.
  • Chiropractors works from 9am to 5pm in normal cases. They follow this schedule daily but the demands from the patients can increase the working hours. This means that the more you will work the more you will be paid, which will increase your annual salary.
  • One other way to earn more as a chiropractor is by self-employment. Most chiropractors – who are at individual level – make a good amount of salary.

Other Factors:

Doctor of Chiropractor (D.C) program and license from the state is required by a person to become a chiropractor. The minimum requirement to enrol into a chiropractor school is three years of college studies. College degree is enough, however, 90% of students already have done their bachelors before joining a chiropractor school, which is not required.

D.C. coursework carries for 4 years and includes 2 years of classroom work and clinical experience of 2 years. All is done supervised. Anyone who wants to be a specialist has to finish additional residency work.

Chiropractors can work after requiring their license in the field. Passing state exams is also necessary in some states for practicing as a chiropractor.


Chiropractor Salary in Australia, Canada and UK

Australia: In Australia, chiropractors can earn AU$76,000 annual media salary. Depending upon the location and experience the salary can vary between AU$56,000 to AU$100,000 annually.

UK: Chiropractors in United Kingdom can make approximately £20,000 annually. Depending upon the experience of the chiropractor this salary can increase up to £31,000 to £41,000 annually.

Canada: In Canada, a chiropractor can earn up to CA$50,000 to CA$100,000 per annum. The average salary is at CA$70,000 annually.


Final Verdict:

Chiropractors are still a demanded profession. The statistics shows that 28% more chiropractors are needed between year 2010 and 2020. The reason is that the people born in 1960s are reaching old age now and with that they need more healing services; this open ups jobs for chiropractors. If you are willing to work hard and think best for your patients then be a chiropractor as you can serve humanity this way and can earn good amount of salary.

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