Coroner Salary

The average salary of coroner in US is $55,360.

Coroners work in forensics and aim to determine how, why and when a person died. These professionals are also tasked with trying to determine who a deceased person is when they have yet to be identified.

Median Coroner Salary

  • $55,360 per year
  • $26.6 per hour

The median salary for a coroner is $55,360 per year, or $26.6 per hour. A median salary indicates the exact midpoint of salary data wherein half of the salaries are higher and lower than the median salary.

Salary range for middle 50% of coroners

  • $41,900 – $72,260
  • $20 – $34.7 per hour

The lowest and highest paid earners in an industry are not the norm. These are coroners with little experience, or unusually high levels of experience. As a result, the middle 50% data point provides a more accurate salary range, and is calculated by removing the top and bottom 25% of salaries.

Middle 50% is indicated as $41,900 to $72,260 with hourly rates of $20 to $34.7.

Lowest and highest salary

  • Lowest – $33,610 ($16/hour)
  • Highest – $91,400 ($44/hour)

These numbers represent the lowest and highest salary data currently available in the field. This data represents the bottom and top 10th percentile to demonstrate the extreme highs and lows in a given industry.

The lowest 10th percentile earns $33,610 ($16 an hour), while the highest 10th percentile earns $91,400 ($44 an hour).

The total salary package

Benefits, Social Security, healthcare, dental, bonuses and any other benefits provided by an employer come with an intrinsic value. The total salary package reflects this value while following the median salary provided.

When all benefits are given a value, a salary of $55,360 equates to a true total salary package of $69,200. This figure will vary greatly depending on the bonuses provided by an employer.

Cities with the highest paying coroners

  • Coroners in San Francisco, CA earn $89,160.
  • Coroners in Chicago, IL are paid $81,530.
  • Coroners in Los Angeles, CA earn $81,500.
  • Coroners in Boston, MA earn $72,310.

States with the highest paying coroners

  • Illinois pays coroners a mean wage of $82,210.
  • District of Colombia pays coroners a mean wage of $78,090.
  • California pays coroners a mean wage of $74,880.
  • Nevada pays coroners a mean wage of $70,300.
  • Massachusetts pays coroners a mean wage of $69,040.

Factors affecting coroner salaries

Grouped into the classification of forensic science technicians, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the job outlook in this profession is lower than average. The growth expectancy of this field is just 6% between 2012 and 2022. In terms of jobs added during this time, there will be just 700 jobs added in the entire forensic science classification.

Coroners work in all major cities, and metropolitan areas are among the cities that pay the highest salaries. Chicago is a prime example of a budding city where coroners are paid a higher salary, but this is reflective of the unusually high rates of murders in the city.

Statistics show that coroners working for the federal government have higher salaries than normal. The total salary package when working for the government is also higher as a result.

Coroners that have been deemed experts or have been in the industry for over a decade tend to have a higher salary than their peers.

Training and certification requirements for coroners

Becoming a coroner requires less education than other medical professionals. Coroners do not need to enter into a medical degree, but the requirements will vary from state to state. There are currently only 28 states that utilize the coroner system.

Education follows one of two paths:

  • Bachelor’s Degree: A standard requirement in all states.
  • Medical Degree: A select few states require a medical degree, which will then need to be followed by a residency or internship that can last up to 4 more years to complete.

Education will require undergraduate work in biology, chemistry and forensics.

In the event that a state considers a coroner a medical examiner, a medical degree will be required.

Becoming a coroner is not an easy task. Many positions are appointed or elected, leading to the lower level of employment growth. On-the-job training is required, and experience in the medical field is a bonus.

International coroner salaries

Coroners earn £16,400 – £38,200 per annum in the United Kingdom.

Coroners earn C$34,700 – C$70,000 per annum in Canada.

Coroners earn AU$50,700 – AU$116,300 per annum in Australia.

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