Dentist Salary

The average salary of dentist in US is $150,000.

Median salary of a dentist in United States is calculated to be approximately $150,000 per annum or it is $72 per hour. Like any other profession, dentist salary is greatly affected by experience, establishment, location, place, workload etc. The highly paid 10% of the dentists earn around $210,000 or more each year or it can be divided as $100 or more hourly. The lowest paid 10% dentists make around $122,000 or less each year which is $58 or less hourly. 50% dentists in the middle earn between $134,000 and $190,000 per annum or their hourly salary is between $66 and $88.

Like some other professions, dentists get some extra benefits along with their salary. These benefits include social security, healthcare benefits, pensions, 401K contributions, paid time off and other bonuses which increase their total median salary to around $205,000 per annum.

Working Hours

A dentist works 4 to 5 days per week. A large number of dentists are self employed. While some dentists follow a work schedule, others work extra hours or on weekends to earn more. A full-time dentist works for about 35 to 40 hour per week but many dentists work for more hours.

Duties of the Dentists

Dentists are the professionals who know how to treat and deal with oral troubles. They diagnose, treat and help to prevent oral diseases, teeth and gum injuries, malformations and other troubles associated with teeth and its surrounding structures. The specialists of this field are pediatric dentist, orthodontist, endodontic, and cosmetic dentist.

The day to day tasks that come under the duties of dentists are fractured teeth repair, cavities filling, straightening of teeth, x-rays examination, and decay removal. Dentists who own a surgery license can also do surgical procedures that are needed to correct gums and its associated structures.  It is also the duty of the dentists to extract teeth, make dentures for missing teeth.

Cosmetic dentists have the duty to improve the smile of their patients. To carry out this job, they perform the procedures like teeth whitening or replacement of crooked teeth.

A dentist has number of tools to operate which include scalpels, probes, forceps, mouth mirrors, drills and x-ray machines. Dentists that are self employed may also have to do the administrative tasks.


How to Become a Dentist

If you choose to be dentist as your profession then you will have to get your graduation from an accredited dental program. You will have to get accepted into the dental school and will have to complete the program successfully.

Students, who want to become a dentist and are high school students, should take classes in subjects like anatomy, physic, chemistry, mathematics and biology. These subjects will improve your core for coursework of the dental school and college. Studying these subjects will also boost your chances of getting enrolled into the dental school.

Bachelor’s degree is a must if you want to get enrolled into a dental school. While not all dental schools demand a bachelor degree however looking at how many people apply to these schools, it becomes very difficult to enroll into a dental school without a bachelor’s degree.

Dental schools also have some requirements like coursework. Before graduation you should take courses in chemistry, physics and biology. Majoring in science related fields gives you an edge when you apply for admission in dental school. While these can boost your chances but they are not required for admission.

Dental schools are not restricted to accept a bachelor degree holding student of any particular major. You should pass the Dental Admission Test (DAT) in your starting years in college. DAT is equivalent to MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) which is required to enroll into a medical school.

Dental schools teach courses like periodontology, anatomy and local anesthesia. Also, you will do practical work in clinical settings where you will work on patients directly.

After completing your graduation from dental school, you will have to spend 1 – 2 more years in residency. You will be trained in clinical setting with supervision in the specialization you choose.

If you want to become a dentist then you will have to get dentist license. All states in US require you to get licensed before you can practice your profession. To become a licensed dentist you will have to do graduation from an accredited program and you must have to pass the exam.

Salary of a Dentist in Australia, Canada, UK

Australia: Dentists are paid an average salary of around AU$80,000 yearly in Australia. Those with more experience in the field earn an average salary of AU$100,000 annually. Dentists starting out in the field earn an average salary of AU$51,000 annually.

Canada: Dentists in Canada earn a median salary of around CA$107,000 per year. Dentists with different amount of experience earns between CA$77,000 and CA$140,000 annually.

UK: People working as dentists in the United Kingdom and working with NHS primary care trust have reported to earn between £37,000 and £81,000 per annum. Also, in UK, dentists working as consultants and specialists earn between £74,000 and £101,000 per annum. Dentist profession in UK is one of the highest paid healthcare professions.


Final Verdict

Although dentist earns a good amount of money each year but they are not the highest paid professionals. The numbers in your salary can change because of your years of experience in the field, where you work, how many hours you spend in work and whether you work as an employee for someone or is self employed. Going for specialization in this field can surely increase the numbers.


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