Echocardiographer Salary

The average salary of echocardiographer in US is $54,000.

Much like a cardiologist, an echocardiography professional will be required to take ultrasounds of a patient’s heart. These professionals work closely with cardiologists when non-standard examinations are required and only an associate’s degree is required to take the qualifying exam.

Median echocardiography salary

  • $54,000 per year
  • $26 per hour

The mid-point of all salaries is how the median salary is defined. This recorded salary in the field of echocardiography is $54,000 a year, or roughly $26 an hour.

Salary range for middle 50% of echocardiography professionals

  • $37,620 – $70,530
  • $18.09 – $33.9 per hour

Examining the middle 50% provides a clear picture of a salary that most professionals will be able to obtain within their career. This would equate to $37,620 to $70,530 per year, or roughly $18 – $34 an hour.

Lowest and highest salary

  • Lowest – $28,110 ($13.5/hour)
  • Highest – $84,940 ($41/hour)

Professionals just starting out in the field will start at the lowest 10% of all earners, making $28,110 a year, or $13.5 an hour. This figure is highly dependent on a person’s state and city. The top 10% of earners will earn $84,940 annually ($41 per hour) and will be at the pinnacle of their career with decades of experience.

The total salary package

A clear view of the total salary package will include all of the benefits, perks and bonuses a professional receives in the workplace. Working in the healthcare field, these benefits are often substantial. Bonuses, social security, time off, pension, healthcare and retirement packages boosts a person’s salary by $27,500 on average.

Cities with the highest paying echocardiography professionals

  • San Francisco, California pays the highest salary in the field at $103,700
  • Ventura, California pays the 2nd highest salary in the field at $91,740
  • Oakland, California pays the 3rd highest salary in the field at $81,420
  • Santa Rosa, California pays 4th the highest salary in the field at $79,190

States with the highest paying salaries

  • Alaska at $75,790
  • District of Columbia with $72,590
  • New Jersey at $70,140
  • Massachusetts at $69,340
  • Washington at $67,270

Factors affecting echocardiography salaries

Echocardiography requires a relatively low level of education to get into the field. The main deciding factor in the industry that affects salary is the amount of work experience a professional has when applying for a job. Those in the top 10th percentile of earners work in cities that pay the highest salaries, often in metropolitan areas, and have been in the field for decades.

Certifications can be earned to further boost a person’s salary. Certifications are offered through the National Board of Echocardiography.

Industries where a professional works plays a role in salary. Working in a health practitioner’s office yields an annual mean wage of $72,400 a year. Colleges and Universities are second on the top paying industries in this field, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with an annual mean wage of $63,000.

Alaska has the highest paying salary on average, but many cities in California offer substantially higher salaries in this field.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics combines data in this field under cardiovascular technologists and technicians. Growth rate between 2012 and 2022 is one of the highest in the world at 39%. This growth increase is expected to add 42,700 jobs to the field of echocardiography in the span of 10 years.

Training and certification requirements for echocardiography

Minimal college education is needed to enter this budding field. An associate degree is required before a person will be able to become certified in the field. Certification is not state-regulated in all but two states. Most big employers will require a certification for any job openings available.

Many schools do offer a 1-year certificate in the field.

The main role of echocardiography is to ultrasound a patient’s heart so that heart-related illnesses can be diagnosed. Technicians will need to gain the proper training in a classroom or laboratory environment. Specializations in the field can be earned. Many professionals choose to specialize in adult echocardiography or fetal echocardiography.

Clinical training will be required for professionals with no experience. Every training environment is different, but students can expect to learn how to conduct an echocardiogram. Training will be hands-on and students will need to learn about cardiac performance, how to measure ventricular vole and mass, and how to interact with patients.

Healthcare management and the role these professionals play in the healthcare industry will be discussed at length during training.

Often dealing with sick patients, technicians will need to be able to answer basic heart-related questions and will need to learn basic interaction etiquette. Patients can range from infants to the elderly. Special procedures will be learned over the course of a person’s career when they need to conduct an echocardiogram on patients with certain health or physical restrictions.

International echocardiography salaries

Echocardiography salary in the U.K. is £33,607.

Echocardiography salary in Canada is $64,384 CAD.

Echocardiography salary in Australia is AU$55,000 – $84,000.

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