Emergency Medicine Physician Salary

The average salary of Emergency medicine physicians in US is $259,159.

Emergency medicine physicians are in a high-paced sector of the healthcare industry. These professionals meet patients that are often brought into the ER unresponsive and quickly need to evaluate a patient and administer medicine or life-saving procedures.

Median emergency medicine salary

  • $259,159 per year
  • $125 per hour

The median is a means of assessing a salary based on the mid-point of data. Using this metric, it’s possible to find what 50% of emergency medicine physicians earn. Median salary in this field is $259,159 per year ($125/hour).

Salary range for middle 50% of emergency medicine physicians

  • $220,000 – $303,000
  • $106 – $146 per hour

The middle 50% is a good indicator of the range that most professionals will fall into in a respective field. The middle 50% of emergency medicine physicians earn $220,000 to $303,000 annually, or between $106 and $146 per hour on the job.

Lowest and highest salary

  • Lowest – $185,697 ($89/hour)
  • Highest – $343,961 ($165/hour)

The lowest 10th percentile of physicians in this field earn $89 an hour, or $185,697 annually. Physicians that have an abundance of experience and work in high-paying cities fall into the top 10th percentile of earners, making $343,961 a year, or $165 per hour on average.

The total salary package

The medical field provides immense benefits in the form of bonuses, social security, pension, time off, healthcare and disability. With all of these factors included, the total salary package of $347,328 is concluded based off of the median salary of $259,159.

Cities with the highest paid emergency medicine professionals

  • San Francisco, California pays a median salary of $316,459
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania pays a median salary of $272,817
  • Chicago, Illinois pays a median salary of $272,532
  • Dallas, Texas pays a median salary of $260,637

States with the highest paid emergency medicine professionals

Minimal or outdate data is available for the top paying states in the emergency medicine field. However, states with the highest paying cities may offer higher salaries than other states. These states include:

  • California
  • Pennsylvania
  • Illinois
  • Texas
  • Kentucky

Factors affecting emergency medicine salaries

Emergency medicine physicians are often very experienced by the time they enter into this specialization. Location and experience in the emergency room are often the biggest factors to consider when looking at salaries.

Metropolitan areas, such as Dallas, Texas, have a higher salary due to the high population. Hospitals in areas that have a lower population will pay a lower salary.

California has many of the top paying cities in this field.

According to the University of California, emergency medicine is such a new field that it is still changing very fast. While most professionals will be found within a hospital setting, many are starting to work in urgent healthcare facilities.

The hours a physician works will also play a role in his or her salary. Physicians that are required to work overnight will be paid more than their daytime counterparts. Urgent healthcare facilities offer a more stable environment in terms of hourly schedules despite paying slightly less than their emergency room counterparts.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics counts this specialization among its Physicians and Surgeons Occupational Outlook Handbook. This field is expected to grow faster than average, at a rate of 18%, between 2012 and 2022. The rapid growth will add 123,300 jobs to the field.

Training and certification requirements for emergency medicine

Training to become a physician of emergency medicine takes a total of 11 to 16 years. The first four years will encompass undergraduate school where a person is expected to take any pre-med requirements their desired school requires.

Following undergraduate school, a student will be required to apply to medical school. Medical school will consist of 2-years of lecture and lab. After the first two years, the professional will work under the guidance of an experienced physician in a hospital or clinical setting. While under supervision, the student will be exposed to a variety of specialties from internal medicine to surgery.

Following graduation, residency will begin and can last from 3 to 8 years, depending on the desired specialization.

There are a number of medical schools that offer an undergraduate and medical school program combined. These special programs will often lower a student’s education requirements to 6 or 7 years down from 8 years.

After residency is completed, a physician will be required to pass a national licensure exam that is required nationwide. Board certification in various specialties are offered in the field and will help an emergency medicine physician earn more money and expand their skillset. The American Board of Emergency Medicine offers certification in emergency medicine.

Flexibility in career options is a benefit of emergency medicine. These highly trained professionals can choose to return to being a regular physician and can work in numerous settings. This is a highly-independent career wherein professionals will need to diagnose patients, prescribe medications, discharge patients and stabilize patients when needed.

Emergency medicine physicians are not required to perform surgeries or general medical procedures.

International emergency medicine salaries

Emergency Medicine Salary in the U.K. is £22,300 – £69,810.

Emergency Medicine Salary in Canada is $273,000 CAD.

Emergency Medicine Salary in Australia is AU$150,000.

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