General Dentist Salary

The average salary of general dentist in US is $150,000.

Health care professionals who deal with the conditions and diseases of gums and teeth are known as dentists. These professionals have the responsibility to help patients to prevent dental disease and to guide them to maintain good oral and dental health. They are the guides who tell about dental problems and the ways through which they can be prevented. In general, they also guide people whether they need braces or surgery.

Degree in dentistry is the major requirement of this profession. The median salary of these professionals is $150,000 per year in the United States of America but different states have different pay scale.

Pay Scale Variation of General Dentist in Different States

In the United States, the median yearly salary of dentists varies from state to state. Dentists working in Washington, Spokane or the larger cities in Texas like Odessa and Tyler can earn mean annual salary of around $200,000, however it is must that they have minimum practical experience of four years in the field. The average dentist salaries in these larger areas are more than the national average salary in United States. It is the one big reason why dentists are attracted towards these areas to practice their professions.

Duties of General Dentist

A general dentist has the power to provide treatments for diverse kinds of mouth and teeth problems. The general dentists mainly open their own areas to practice the profession but also they head towards National Health Service. Typically, community dentistry offices are the workplace of these professionals and they also work in armed forces or other places that specialize in dentistry. Some also go in research industry or in university where they teach upcoming dentists of the society.

General dentists treat children as well as adults. The responsibilities of these patients are diverse. From examining teeth and gums to educating the mass about oral hygiene, all are the duties of the general dentists. They detect dental problems and assess the treatment possibilities. In the work place, it is the duty of the general dentist to keep patients’ dental records, managing the staff for proper working, and keeping the equipment stock up to date. It is the requirement of the field to remain up to dated and for that, seminars, workshops and professional development courses are usually offered to them every now and then.

The duties of the general dentist in any work place may vary and depend on the work environment. For instance, general dentists working in hospitals have to take care of complex dental issues of the patients and they are recommended by a GDP mostly. In community dental service, these professionals have to deal with the dental care services of the patients of all ages. Mostly, the general dentists who are working with the community dental service also need to pay visit to schools.

How to Become a General Dentist

While dentist is a respected and fine paying profession, it is not very easy to become a dentist. The reason is simple because it takes a lot of training and requires too much time to become a dentist. A dentist, in learning stage, spends at least eight years in studying and after that he still needs to clear several exams and needs practical experience to get his degree, certification and license.

It is must for the becoming dentists to take several courses before graduation that goes for four years and after that they need to study for four years in the dental school.

It is better for students who are planning on becoming dentist to select their majors in math, physics, chemistry, biology and health. This will boost your chances to enroll into a dental school in future. These students then require taking and passing the DAT (Dental Admission Test) to be able to apply in a dental school for admission. The healthcare students then need to spend four years in dental school taking several courses in subjects such as physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, microbiology, etc. After completing study in dental school, there are technical courses in oral diagnosis, restorative dentistry, endodontics, periodontics and many others.

Dentist’s work is a practical profession. Dentists are known by how good they treat and cure their patient. This also applies when they go for a job so it is recommended that you do a part time job relating to this field along with your studies. While it will increase you chance to get a job early, it will also increase your knowledge about how this profession works. Once you graduate from your dental school, you will be awarded a degree in DMD or DDS. After that you are required to take all the board exams which include national and state exams through which you will get your license to practice as a dentist in your selected state. To further improve your profession you can then specialize in any part of this field.


While it is not a requirement but it is highly recommended that general dentists get their board certification. It will display that the dentist holding the certification is highly trained and experience. You should get your certification from an institute under American Board of General Dentistry. Two third of the general dentists that live and work in the United States are the members of American Dental Association. Although, American Dental Association doesn’t give professional certificates, they however provide many benefits to the general dentists by uniting them in one place.

General Dentist Salary In Australia, Canada, UK

General Dentists working in other countries also have a good yearly salary.

General dentists working in Australia can expect a mean yearly salary of around AU$90,000.

These professionals employed in the United Kingdom can make a mean salary of 60,000 pounds per year.

General dentists working in Canada can make yearly salary of around 100,000 CAD.


Final Verdict

To sum it all up, general dentist is a good profession and it is finely paid job in all the states of America and other countries as well. General dentist is a respected profession all over the world and has a good demand; you can earn a fine salary everywhere.

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