Health Informatics Salary

The average salary of health informatics in US is $66,000 - $80,000.

Salary and Duties

People who have post-secondary certificate along with the associate’s degree in health information technology can select a career as Health Informatics.

The relevant courses that can help in this field are:

·       Healthcare statistics

·       Anatomy

·       Classification and coding systems

·       Healthcare statistics

·       Healthcare reimbursement methods

·       Medical terminology

·       Healthcare reimbursement methods

Along with these credentials, other professional training are required, for example the use of classification and coding software and application of EHR system in the healthcare facility.



To get an employment at a good place, it is necessary to earn a professional certificate from a recognized institute or organization. Whatever assigned to you in that course – like accredited program completion or examination – you have to complete it.

Once you received your license, it is necessary that you renew it constantly. Adding new courses and continuation of study is always a good option. Other certificates that increase your worth in this field are:

·       Registered Health Information Technician

·       Certified Tumor Registrar

People who want to get good place in this field must also go for extra education, certification and more professional training. For the better job positions, master’s degree program can be opted. More qualification assures better job positions.


What is the Salary of Health Informatics in UK, Australia and Canada?

There are variations in the salary of the health informatics. In different countries, they have different salaries.

Health Informatics Salary in Canada

As information technology has gained popularity in this country, demand of this profession has also increased. In Canada, a health informatics expert can get the annual income of around $50,000. Salary improves when a person is PhD or holds masters degree; in this case salary can reach up to $150,000 per year. But that’s not all, the experts who are bilingual has higher income as there are various settings in Canada where knowing an additional language is the major requirement. These experts also get jobs in vendor organizations and consulting firms.

Health Informatics Salary in UK

The annual income of the health informatics expert in UK is £27,076. Additional experience and years of services in this field can boost the annual salary up to £40,000 annually. In UK, places like London etc. provide good career development chances and also have increase paying scales.

Health Informatics Salary in Australia

In Australia, medical informatics has the annual salary that ranges from 38,066 Australian Dollars to 51,221 Australian Dollars. In this country also same rule of higher education and years of experience implies. Location also plays an important role in the salary. For better income and good job post, it is always recommended to go for higher education.


Final Verdict

Currently, there are over 440,000 people who are working as a health informatics experts, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is believed that in the coming decade, the new opening of 78,000 jobs will increase the demand of this profession as more and more qualified people will be needed to fill these vacancies. Hospitals will need more people who are able to organize the information of the patients with the help of classification and coding systems and other software.

In the coming year, health informatics experts can expect boost of this career as greater salaries will be offered to those who are qualified as well as experienced.

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