Medical Biller Salary

The average salary of medical biller in US is $34,189.

This is up-to-date salary of the medical billing clerks as reported by where certified compensation professionals collect and analyze data of thousands of employers of all the organizations working in the U.S.

In other sources, the annual total figure varies.

According to the United States Association of Professional Coders and the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics, the average per year income of medical coder or biller is $17.27/hour or $36,000 in America. The estimated highest salary is $55,000 and lowest is $21,680 per year for this profession, according to these two organizations.

The factors that contribute to the difference in salaries are:

  • Location
  • Employer
  • Certificate type
  • Experience


Medical Biller Wages in Different Parts of America

As it is stated earlier that there are diverse factor on which the salary of medical biller is dependant. Among all these factors, location plays an important role when a person is analyzing the salaries difference in various states of America.

The geographical presence influences the salaries directly as some places have higher demands of medical billers and in these areas, salaries are highest.

Highest Paying States

The higher wages ranging from $36,000 – $52,000 can be expected in the West Coast and Northeast regions in America. The states that offer good medical biller salaries are: Massachusetts, California, New Hampshire and New Jersey. These states are also densely populated regions in the United States with above average living costs.

But it is not necessary that states with only high living costs can offer increase medical biller salaries. Some states that are less populated with low cost of living can also offer good annual wage because of the demand of this profession. States like Alaska and Colorado fall in this category. The medical biller in these states can enjoy highest average salary.

Lowest Paying States

The states that provide low annual wages to medical billers are present in the southern part of the country. These areas have living standards below the national average. These states are Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia. These states offer annual medical biller salaries between $22,500 and $32,000.

What is the job of Medical Billers?

Medical billers have the responsibility to keep check of the bills that are owed to medical facilities. They maintain and review the order, records and invoices with high accuracy. They maintain the payment records of the patients. Basically, medical billers don’t work independently and rely on the orders given by the managers or supervisors of medical facility.


How to Become a Medical Biller?

The main requirement for becoming a medical biller is a high school diploma. In addition to it, having 0-2 years of experience in this field is also necessary in some places.

The knowledge of practices and procedures in the relevant field is a must factor for a medical biller. Such knowledge is usually learnt during the job. So a person can say that for medical biller, there is no particular educational requirement. But additional training and courses are always a better option like associate’s degree in chemistry, biology, computer or mathematics from any recognized institute.

Most of the employers in the country offer on the job training to make medical billers up to the recognized coding and billing standards. No specific certification is required for the job but the individuals with CMRS (Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist) certification are preferred by employers.  CMRS certification is a nine to twelve months certificate course that provides the basic knowledge of mathematics and science.

Applicants who are preferred for medical billing job posts are the people with the knowledge of:

  • Medical terminologies
  • Coding and billing procedures
  • Insurance procedures
  • Computer database management

Qualities of a Medical Biller:

The qualities and skills that a medical biller must possess are:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Strong medical knowledge
  • Medical billing awareness
  • Ability to work independently
  • High ethical standards
  • Empathy

This job requires working in stressful conditions also so a medical biller must have an eye for details and calm nature.


Medical billing job don’t need any particular certificate as mentioned earlier but having various certificates that are related to the field increase the chance of good post and better salary. The certificate that can prove highly beneficial for any medical biller is CMRS or Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist certification.


Medical biller salary in Canada, Australia and the UK

America is the country which offers lowest annual wage for medical biller. In other countries the annual income of medical biller is:

  • Australia: AU$180,000 which means $163,000 of America
  • UK: £73,000 which translates into American $121,000
  • Canada is also like US in this regards and pays annual salary of $30,000 or Canadian $33,000 to a medical biller.


Final Verdict

From the above mentioned pay scale, anyone can tell that opting medical billing career in Australia or UK has more benefits than going for it in America. In Australia and UK, there is increase demand of this profession which could be seen by the salary they are offering; however unlike US, they have strict certification and training requirements for a person to be a medical biller. The handsome medical biller salary of UK and Australia comes with the price of tough requirements that make it very challenging to qualify for this job.

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