Medical Office Manager Salary

The average salary of medical office manager in US is $55,000.

A person who is managing all the non-clinical parts that are essential to run a hospital or health care facility is known as a medical office manager.

The duties performed by medical office manager are dependent upon the requirements and size of the medical faculty in which he is working. Medical office management is a career that can provide so many benefits to a person who wants a prosperous job with diverse opportunities.

National Average Medical Office Manager Salary

The salary data of showed that a medical office manager can earn up to $51,000 per year. There is no information about the salary of the medical office manager provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The average annual salary of medical office manager that is reported is lower than $52,830, which is the average salary of the first-line supervisors that are working in any office.

In 2015, the report shows that the average medical office manager salary is $55,000 per year.

Difference of Medical Office Manager Salary In United States

Medical office managers have different salaries across the United States. The highest salary variation is notable in the West.

According to the report:

  • San Francisco offers annual salary of $68,000 to medical office manager
  • Medical office manager in California earns $55,000 per year
  • In Hawaii, Medical office manager has the annual salary of $33,000.

Now when we move further in map we see the average salary of $38,000 per year in Nebraska which is lower than average and then in Oklahoma the annual salary of $47,000.

The difference in the average salaries was also present in the East but that difference is not that big. A well above the national average salary can be seen in the New York where a medical office manager can earn up to $63,000. When moving towards south, again the decline in average salary of the medical office manager can be seen in Virginia; as this state is giving $52,000 salary per year for this profession. In North Carolina, it is $50,000 and $48,000 is the salary of medical office manager in Florida.

Duties of Medical Office Manager

In any medical organization, medical office manager plays a very important role. It is the duty of the medical office manager to deal with all the non-clinical aspects of the medical organization.

The list of works of medical office manager is huge. This job comes with number of responsibilities that are varied organization to organization. Some important tasks that must be performed by medical office manager in any medical facility are:

  • Dealing with all the administrative aspects of the organization
  • Patients’ scheduling and registration supervision
  • Supervision of maintenance of medical records of the patient
  • Arrangements of financial counseling for the patients
  • Supervision of cash posting, billing, data entry, collection and processing
  • Maintaining excellent customer service by training the staff
  • For the assurance of better work environment, it is responsibility of the office manager to develop and implement office procedures and policies

As medical office manager is looking after all the office aspects of the medical organization, it is his duty to interview and hire the new staff whenever needed and to arrange proper training for them. It is also the responsibility of the manger to conduct performance reviews. The staff that is employed by the medical office manager is:

  • Medical records technician
  • Receptionist
  • Billing technician etc

But in the small medical organization, most of the working of this staff is conducted by the medical office manager himself.

Other responsibilities that are simple but a medical office manager must keep an eye on are:

  • Cleanness of the facility all the time
  • Checking of the equipments used in the facility
  • Selecting the equipments needed and ordering the supplies
  • Developing marketing campaign and implementing them
  • Dealing with accounts and banks

How to Become a Medical Office Manager

The qualification requirements of the employer vary according to the organization. But mostly, experience in healthcare department and Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Healthcare, Accounting or Business Administration are required. Other certification that can increase your chance to get the job is getting a certification from a professional association. American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management is a good place to start with.

People who don’t have the right kind of degree can also be the medical office manager, but for that they need to wait for a while. One way to get this post is by getting the position in the accounting department or to be an assistant administrator. It will increase your experience in this field.

It is highly necessary that when you make your resume, add work experience that is relevant to the above mentioned duties of the medical office manager. No matter if it is not from the health care field. If you have the past experience of supervisory, staffing, budgeting etc., you can add the experience in the resume and can emphasize on it. If you have worked in middle management, it can also do the job for you.

The improve your chance of getting the position of a medical office manager you must seek a Master’s degree in Public Administration, Health Services Administration, or Health Sciences. Getting certifications that are relevant to the job is also a good option.


For getting a job of medical office manager, no certification is mandatory but having one will boost your chance to get the job. You can opt for so many certifications but one certificate that can make you stand among all is Certified Medical Manager which you can obtain from Professional Association of Health Care Office Management.

The Physician Office Managers Association of America offers several certifications that you can go for like:

  • Certified Health Information Technology Specialist
  • Certified Human Resource Specialist
  • Certified Practice Manager
  • Compliance Specialist

Some certifications that might help in getting this job are under development, they can also be opted when available:

  • Certified Medical Office Chart Auditor Specialist
  • Certified Medical Office Supervisor

Salaries of Medical Office Managers in Australia, Canada, and the UK


The annual salary of medical office manager in Australia is AU$52,134 which is $47,000. The wages here are quite near to the United States as the highest annual salary is $66,700 and lowest is $31,000.


In Canada, the average salary of the medical office manager is C$43,764, which is $39,434 annually. According to, the highest salary for this post is $53,102 per year while the lowest is $26,850.


The average salary for medical office manager in U.K is £40,200 per year which translates in to $66,844. The salary of medical office manager is not same throughout UK. In Greater London, the average wage for this profession is $75,700 whereas in other areas like Scotland, Wales and Ireland, the annual salary of $58,200 which is lesser than UK.


Final Verdict

Until 2020, there will be a 22 percent increase in the job demands for a health and medical service managers, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. These numbers are highest national hiring percent in any other field. Because of this increased demand, the Occupational Outlook Handbook concludes that it is the highly stable career to go for. As the patients’ population is expected to increase in the hospitals, demand of this profession will also increase.

The current salary is also not very bad, but it is expected that it will get a boost. Education and experience are the two factors that increase the salary of medical office managers.

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