Medical Receptionist Salary

The average salary of medical receptionist in US is $22,000.

In a medical office, medical receptionists are the first staff that patient or patient’s family contacts. This contact made through a phone call or live interaction. This makes any medical receptionist an important individual in the hospital.

It is necessary for a medical receptionist to make a good first impression, as rest of the hospital and client relationship relies on it.

Salary surveys of Pay Scale reports that annual salary of medical receptionist is around $22,000 in which most receptionists earn $10 per hour.

Medical Receptionist Salary in Different States

For the medical receptionists, there is not huge difference between the salaries of different areas but according to the US BLS, there are some medical receptionists who are getting paid at $36,000 annually. They are working in New York, California and other densely populated places. It is also known that in rural areas, medical receptionists are getting lower pays annually than $20,000.

Currently, there are 20,000 people who are employed as medical receptionists in the United States.


Duties of Medical Receptionist

The duties assigned to any medical receptionist may vary from hospital to hospital. The tasks are assigned according to the requirement of the office. The things that are common in any medical receptionist are:

  • Day-to-day dealing of office tasks
  • Basic administrative tasks
  • Replying to any inquiries by answering phone calls or direct dealing
  • Taking messages from the caller
  • To inform patient about appointments and many times, scheduling, changing, setting or cancelling appointments.

Medical receptionists also need to look after other office tasks like maintaining the records of the patients, copying and scanning documents, filing important files and any other task that is the office requirement.


How to Become a Medical Receptionist

In this job, lots of training and skills are not required. It is a multi-tasking job in which a person must have the following abilities:

  • Able to handle different tasks simultaneously
  • To attend and respond to multiple calls at a time
  • Professional and pleasant attitude
  • Accuracy is a must requirement as they need to enter data
  • Having computer knowledge is must
  • Previous experience as a receptionist or secretary can be helpful

With all these professional qualities, a medical receptionist should be punctual and reliable. The knowledge of mathematics and file handling can also be helpful in this profession.



Job of a medical receptionist is straight forward and simple. Any person who wants to make career in the medical field can try to be a medical receptionist for a while as this will help to provide insight of other duties at the hospital as well. This job wants little overtime and timings are mostly general office timings.

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