Medical Secretary Salary

The average salary of medical secretary in US is $31,000.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical secretaries are professionals in healthcare who get the annual median salary of about $31,000. But like any other profession, the salary of medical secretaries varies from place to place. Medical secretaries can earn as low as $22,000 and the highest salary they can make is about $46,000 per year. Higher paying cities and states like California is best place to work as a medical secretary.

Salary of Medical secretaries in Different States

Medical secretaries are paid differently in different parts of the U.S. For example, the median wage of medical secretaries in Connecticut is around $47,000 per year. Meanwhile, the people working as medical secretaries in San Francisco are paid a median salary of almost $43,500 per year. Similarly, those working San Jose in California are paid around $42,000 annually while medical secretaries working in Santa Rosa earn around $41,000 per year. With the above figures you can clearly see that medical secretaries working in California, Connecticut are earning more salary as compared to the most parts of the U.S. Their median annual salary is more than the national average salary. This is one common reason why people choose to work in these areas as a medical secretary. People relocate to the bigger cities so they can have better chance of employment and get higher pays.


Duties of Medical Secretary

Medical secretaries are professional in health care field. They represent physicians and work for the physician staff. They are assigned to perform administrative and office work which includes answering phone calls and sorting e-mails, billing the patients, making appointments for patients, maintaining and checking patient’s health history. In simple words, it can be said that a medical secretary job is to deal with the clerical work in a medical office, which includes the task like billing, maintaining records and typing.

Medical secretaries have to interact with the people and they should have the knowledge about using office equipments which include computers, scanners and fax machines. It is also very important that these health professionals have clear knowledge about the medical terminology, medical billing methods and health insurance rules that are related with their field of expertise.

Medical secretary needs to support the productivity of the physician by arranging professional meetings, consultations, scheduling conferences, preparing medical reports, keeping track of patient history and organizing and planning future projects and other tasks.

Medical secretaries maintain the account of the medical office. They deal with direct patients and third parties, collecting payment and paying bills. They answer calls and keep track of all reminders. Medical secretaries are also responsible for the stock and equipment of the office; they need to order new stock whenever needed. They have to make sure the office is well maintained according to the professional standards. They need to deal with any repairs needed in the office and keep track of maintenance work. Medical secretaries have to update their skills and job knowledge by attending educational seminars, conferences and by reading latest book of medical literature.


How to Become a Medical Secretary?

For becoming a medical secretary, the minimum qualification is high school diploma or an equivalent program through which students can enroll in a vocational or technical school or a community college for a two year program. After completing the studies the students are awarded with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science. Medical secretary training program includes everything that is needed to know about billing procedures, general office procedures and medical communications.

Medical secretaries can further increase their experience by applying for a certificate from a well known organization like International Association of Administrative Professionals or IAAP. If they can apply for such a certificate and have the experience then they can become certified medical assistants.

Medical secretaries have to deal with the work like administrative and office work, so they must have the knowledge of clinical work, medical terminology, laboratory work, maintaining patient’s records and so on. Medical secretaries also need to have knowledge relating medical laws and ethics. They must also know about financing and office insurance. For a better job opportunity and polishing of skills it is recommended that medical secretaries do volunteer work and develop good interpersonal skills. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is increase demand for medical secretaries in secretarial and administrative industries. Professionals with experience, skills and certificates have better chance of getting the jobs in this profession.


People who want to become a medical secretary must always continue learning even after completing their studies. They should also know the importance of professional certification. One better organization to get certification from, in this field, is AAMA which is short for American Association of Medical Assistants.

Medical secretaries can get their certification by taking a certification exam after completing their studies. Students who have got their certification from AAMA have to retake the exam every five years to maintain their certification. It is must that a medical secretary has completed his training program from an institute that is recognized by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools or Allied Health Education Programs Commission to be fit to apply for a certification exam.


Medical Secretary Salary in Australia, Canada and the U.K.

Medical secretaries earn good in other countries as well.

In U.K a medical secretary earns around £8 an hour.

In Canada, medical secretary earns around C$26,000 to C$45,000 annually. The median annual salary in Canada is about C$35,000 per annum.

In Australia, the salary medical secretaries make in one hour  is around AU$25.


Final Verdict

To become a medical secretary, it is needed that you have completed the minimum training program. If you apply for certification exam and successfully get certification then you will have a better chance of getting a good job in this field. You can become a fine medical secretary if you are interested in health care field and you are good in handling administrative tasks. It is a fine career that can satisfy you both professionally and financially. Once you will get more experience in the field, you will earn more.

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