Medical Technologist Salary

The average salary of medical technologist in US is $59,430.

Medical technologists, also known as medical laboratory scientists, collect samples and perform tests to analyze tissues, fluids and other bodily substances. These professionals also study blood samples that are used for transfusions. They will determine the blood type, cell morphology, compatibility with other blood types, and the number of cells. Demand for these skilled technicians is high, and their position demands a higher-than-average salary.

Median medical technologist salary

  • $59,430 per year
  • $28.57 per hour

The median salary is the mid-point of all salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for this occupation. Medical technologists earn a median salary of $59,430 per year, or $28.57 an hour.

Salary range for middle 50% of medical technologists

  • $49,970-$71,270
  • $24.02 – $34.27 per hour

Salary ranges for the middle 50% of medical technologists provides a more accurate picture of what the average professional in this field earns each year. To arrive at this number, earners in the top and bottom 25th percentile are removed. This brings the salary range to $49,970 on the lower end, and $71,270 on the higher end ($24.02/hour and $34.27/hour respectively).

Lowest and highest salary

  • Lowest – $40,640 ($19.54/hour)
  • Highest – $82,180 ($39.51/hour)

Medical technologists in the bottom 10th percentile will earn an annual salary of $40,640 ($19.54 an hour). These are individuals who are just entering the field, or working in a city with low demand for this occupation. Earners in the top 10th percentile will make $82,180 a year, or $39.51 an hour. These individuals are at the peak of their careers with many years of experience in the field.

The total salary package

A medical technologist’s base salary does not tell the whole story. As medical professionals, those in this field will also earn other benefits and bonuses. Benefits include health insurance, paid vacation, social security, disability, pension, 401k and more. The total salary package for the average medical technologist is $90,184 a year.

Cities with the highest paid medical technologists

  • Medical technologists in Oakland, California earn a salary of $96,150 a year.
  • Medical technologists in Chico, California make $92,600 annually.
  • Medical technologists in Stockton, California earn an annual salary of $91,520.
  • Medical technologists in San Francisco, California make $90,750 per year.

States with the highest paid medical technologists

  • California at $80,180 a year.
  • Massachusetts at $70,090 per year.
  • Connecticut at $70,090 a year.
  • Rhode Island at $68,210 per year.
  • Vermont at $68,000 a year.

Factors affecting medical technology salaries

A medical technologist’s salary is highly dependent on the location of employment, experience level and the industry.

Location will be a major factor in how much a medical technologist will earn. Those who work in metropolitan areas will typically receive a higher salary than those working in smaller cities and towns. California offers the highest salary, and the top five highest paying cities for this occupation are all located in the state. Other high paying states include Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Vermont.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the top five industries that employ medical technologists. These industries include: hospitals, medical and diagnostic laboratories, physician offices, colleges and universities, and federal executive branch. Hospitals, by far, employ the most medical technologists and offer a higher salary than three of the remaining four industries. Only the federal executive branch offers a slightly higher salary than hospitals.

Experience will, of course, have an effect on a medical technologist’s salary. The more experience, the higher the pay. Those in the top 10th percentile of earners will have decades of experience.

Training and certification requirements for medical technologists

Medical technologists must have a bachelor’s degree to enter the field. Some states will also require technologists to be licensed before they can start working.

Hospitals and universities offer medical technology programs that will allow students to earn a bachelor’s degree in life sciences or medical technology. An undergraduate degree will allow a student to enter into an entry-level position in the field.

Courses in an undergraduate program will include biology, microbiology, chemistry, statistics, mathematics, management, education and laboratory skills. This degree is often referred to as a medical laboratory scientist degree. Some hospitals will offer these programs to students in their senior year of college.

While most technologists will be able to enter the field right after graduation, there are some who will have to become licensed by the state first. To become licensed, a medical technologist will have to have a bachelor’s degree and pass an exam. States will each have their own special requirements, so those who are interested in this career path are advised to contact state departments of health to learn more information on becoming licensed.

In some states, certification will be required for licensing. While it may not be a requirement in all states, employers tend to prefer hiring certified medical technologists.

International Medical Technologist Salaries

£20,611 – £45,226 in the U.K.

C$20,181– C$77,501 in Canada

AU$48,500 – AU$97,353 in Australia




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