Medical Transcriptionist Salary

The average salary of medical transcriptionist in US is $35,000.

It is the profession in which voice data is provided by physicians, doctors, nurses and health care professionals and it is the medical transcriptionist’s duty to turn the data into written report.

Medical transcriptionists also review and edit the data as they have good knowledge of medical terminologies and know abbreviations of the medical industry.

Typically, medical transcriptionists get the job in the private and state owned hospitals but they are also self-employed. The average annual salary of medical transcriptionists is about $35,000.


Medical Transcriptionist’s Salary in Different States

In the United States, the annual income of medical transcriptionists varies in different regions. The annual salary for this profession is around $42,000 for the individuals who are working in Massachusetts, Alaska and California.

In other states like New Jersey, Hawaii and Washington, the yearly salary of medical transcriptionist is $37,000 and $38,000.

The salary variation is because of the demand of the profession and experience in the field.


Duties of Medical Transcriptionist

This profession doesn’t need a post-secondary training in medical transcription field. To get a job as a medical transcriptionist, however, it is recommended to attend training courses and programs that are offered by the community colleges and vocational schools to provide the Associate’s Degree.

The skills and qualities that are necessary in this profession are:

  • Good listening skills
  • Knowledge of medical terminology
  • General medical knowledge
  • Good English grammar
  • Knowing of computer and processing software
  • Punctuation skills

Accuracy in hearing is a must skill as whole job of transcribing is relying on this quality. From advance to higher, medical transcriptionists can improve their career and get the supervisory positions. They can start working from their houses as well.

Along with it, medical transcriptionists can also offer other services in the field like editing, teaching and consulting. Professionals who want more success in the field can opt for further studying to get the job of health information administrators or medical records and health information technicians.


How to Get Started with Medical Transcriptionist

Once you have decided to go for the career as the medical transcriptionist, there are certain things that are necessary for you to know that could help you further in the career.

Medical transcriptionist enjoys rewarding salary, simple job and time flexibility and when you gain experience in this field, you can start working from your home also. However, a thing that every newbie must keep in mind is that this profession needs time and patience. Many times, medical transcriptionists are allowed to work independently only after getting six months experience in this field. Experience is a major factor that influences the job in this profession.


How to Become a Medical Transcriptionist

The foremost step to be a medical transcriptionist is to get enrolled in the school that offers training of medical transcribing. Opt for the school that offers theoretical as well as practical training. These schools are not only the good place to get the training but at the end of the session, they also help in finding a good job.

After you graduate, one wise thing to do is to join a professional association, which allows you have contact with the people who are like you and making a career in your relevant field. The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity is one good place to start with as you will get to know experienced medical transcriptionists.

When you have all the training and experience you required for the job, you can start contacting hospitals or doctors who have open jobs for medical transcriptionists. You can work as a freelancer or on a contract. In general, the time period required for complete training of medical transcriptionist is about 18 months. As experience provides good career in this field so mostly professionals apply for internship in various places as it earns them money as well as some precious experiencing time period.

The last step that is needed to be the best in this profession is obtaining their credentials. They will show how committed you are for this profession. Their addition in your resume is always good for your career.


When you decide to get certified, it is must that you only go for the accredited organization. One best place to get your medical transcription certification is the ADHI. This organization has been working for more than thirty years. It also provides the individual with the list of the institutes that are outstanding in offering the education that is necessary to pass the certification exam of medical transcription.

You can also reach American Healthcare Information Management Association. It is in the field for about hundred years and providing certification of medical information specialists


Medical Transcriptionist Salary in UK, Canada and Australia

Different countries offer different salaries to the medical transcriptionists.

  • United Kingdom:  The average annual salary of a medical transcriptionist is 17,000 pounds.
  • Canada: A medical transcriptionist can earn up to Canadian 40,000 dollars in a year.
  • Australia: Medical transcriptionist in Australia can earn up to AU$24 per hour.


Final Verdict

As compared to other professions, medical transcriptionist doesn’t earn a very handsome salary, but the job requirements are flexible which makes this job appealing. Medical transcriptionists can design their own working schedule and perform their duty when they think the time is most suitable. A medical transcriptionist can earn more by starting a private office.

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