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The average salary of neuropsychologist in US is $92,110.

Neuropsychologists analyze the link between the brain and behavior. These professionals act as researchers, educators and practitioners. They hold advanced degrees, and may explore the impact of brain injuries on various regions of the brain as well as memory function.

Median neuropsychologist salary

  • $92,110 per year
  • $44.28 per hour

A neuropsychologist falls under the “Psychologists, All Other” category on the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This profession comes with a generous median salary of $92,110 per year, or $44.28 per hour. The median salary represents the middle point of all salary data – not the average.

Salary range for middle 50% of neuropsychologists

  • $65,420 – $106,500
  • $31.45 – $51.20 per hour

Like any other profession, salaries for neuropsychologists vary depending on experience and location. Those who are just entering the field and those who have many years of experience only represent a small percentage of workers. Removing these individuals from the data set allows for a more accurate salary range. For neuropsychologists, the middle 50% range would be between $65,420 and $106,500 per year, or $31.45 to $51.20 per hour.

Lowest and highest salary

  • Lowest – $42,230 ($20.31/hour)
  • Highest – $120,670 ($58.01/hour)

The highest and lowest earners will give prospective neuropsychologists an idea of how much they will earn when entering the field and later on in their career. The lowest 10% of earners will make $20.31 an hour, or $42,230 annually. The highest 10% of earners will make $58.01 per hour, or $120,670 per year.

The total salary package

A neuropsychologist will earn more than just a base salary. In addition, he or she will also earn compensation from bonuses and in the form of benefits. Benefits might include medical insurance, retirement savings, paid time off and Social Security. In total, the salary package for a neuropsychologist is $115,137 per year.

Cities with the highest paying Neuropsychologists

  • Neuropsychologists in Pensacola, FL earn $124,510.
  • Neuropsychologists in New York, NY are paid $113,070.
  • Neuropsychologists in Bethesda, MD earn $108,720.
  • Neuropsychologists in Alexandria, LA earn $107,700.
  • Neuropsychologists in Oakland, CA earn $107,060.

States with the highest paying Neuropsychologists

  • Illinois at $125,230
  • Minnesota at $120,500
  • Maryland at $100,710
  • Virginia at $99,410
  • Wisconsin at $98,910

Factors affecting neuropsychologist salaries

The biggest factor that affects a neuropsychologist’s salary is experience. The more experience you have, the higher your earnings will be. However, industry and location will be factors.

Some of the top paying industries for neuropsychologists are:

  • Outpatient centers
  • Educational support services
  • Consulting
  • Research
  • Offices of other health practitioners

Outpatient care centers offer the highest earnings, with an average salary of $170,930 each year. Educational support services comes in second at $166,860 annually.

Where a neuropsychologist works will also affect his or her salary. Major cities, such as New York, NY and Chicago, IL offer high salaries. In these areas, cost of living is higher, but demand is higher as well. This is reflected in the overall salary a person will earn.

Training and certification requirements for neuropsychologists

A neuropsychologist diagnoses and treats patients who are suffering with brain or neurological injuries. In most cases, these professionals work with a team of physical therapists, physicians and other healthcare professionals.

There are three main paths a person can take when becoming a neuropsychologist: clinical, education and rehabilitation.

Regardless of the path chosen, a neuropsychologist must first earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology and specialize in clinical psychology, experimental psychology, behavioral neuroscience or social psychology. From here, a doctoral degree must be earned in neuropsychology. Next, a fellowship must be joined to gain more educational experience while practicing.

In most cases, neuropsychologists must obtain a state license in order to practice. Requirements for licensure will vary from state to state, but most will require a doctorate degree in psychology, at least two years of clinical experience and a completed internship. Many students will be able to gain their years of clinical experience during their fellowship or internship.

Those who choose to work as a rehabilitation director will need many years of experience before being able to enter the field. These individuals usually have special certifications and continue their education.

International neuropsychologist salaries

Neuropsychologists earn £29,000 – £150,000 per annum in the United Kingdom.

Neuropsychologists earn CAD$50,684 – CAD$147,949 per annum in Canada.

Neuropsychologists earn AU$75,000 – AU$97,004 per annum in Australia.

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