The average salary of neurosurgeon in US is $543,343.

Neurosurgeons specialize in the treatment of the nervous system. These specialists treat central and peripheral nervous system disorders, infections and diseases. A neurosurgeon will also treat tumors, spinal cord and brain injuries, strokes and degenerative diseases.

Median neurosurgeon salary

  • $543,343 per year
  • $261 per hour

The median salary in the field is $543,343 ($261/hour). Median salaries are derived from the midpoint of a range of data and is not the same as the mean, which is the average salary expected in the field.

Salary range for middle 50% of neurosurgeons

  • $410,191 – $683,689
  • $197 – $329 per hour

A better representation of the salary range a neurosurgeon can expect is the middle 50%. The middle 50% is produced by removing the top and bottom 25th percentile of salaries.

Lowest and highest salary

  • Lowest – $288,963 ($139/hour)
  • Highest – $811,467 ($390/hour)

Salaries of the highest and lowest neurosurgeons are reflective of the experience level of the professional, and the location and industry. Neurosurgeons just entering the field will be in the lowest 10th percentile and earn $288,963, or $139 an hour. Experts in the field that normally have more than 15 years of experience will be in the top 10th percentile and earn $811,467, or $390 per hour.

The total salary package

Neurosurgeons earning a median salary of $543,343 will have a total compensation of $688,103. This figure is equal to the compensation that the surgeon receives, such as bonuses, 401K, Social Security, healthcare, disability, time off, and pension. These figures will vary greatly depending on the place of employment.

Cities with the highest paying neurosurgeons

  • Neurosurgeons in San Jose, CA earn $641,308.
  • Neurosurgeons in New York, NY earn $640,656.
  • Neurosurgeons in Los Angeles, CA are paid $595,722.
  • Neurosurgeons in Boston, MA earn $586,811.
  • Neurosurgeons in Chicago, IL earn $571,380.

States with the highest paying neurosurgeons

  • California at $641,000.
  • New York at $640.000.
  • Massachusetts at $587,000.
  • Illinois at $571,000.

Factors affecting neurosurgeon salaries

Neurosurgeons are primarily found in the healthcare industry (90%) performing life-saving surgery on many patients. These professionals have a very intricate job and deal with the body’s most delicate system: the nervous system.

Just 10% of neurosurgeons are in the educational field.

The field has two main factors that dictate the range of salaries listed: location and experience. An experienced surgeon with a proven success rate will be able to demand a much higher salary than a person that has just entered the field. Expertise and experience are of the utmost importance in the field.

Location will play a big role in a person’s salary. New York is a prime example of a state that earns a significantly higher salary, but the offset is a higher cost of living and a rigorous workload.

Training and certification requirements for neurosurgeons

Neurosurgeons have a very demanding job with an immense responsibility for the life of their patients. These professionals will undergo over 15 years of training before they are able to legally practice in the field.

A bachelor’s degree is the first requirement, which will take 4 years to complete.

Medical school is the next step and will require an aspiring neurosurgeon to earn their Doctor of Medicine. This is a 4 year process wherein a student can choose to tailor his or her studies toward surgical practice. Treating patients and learning from brain surgeons may be part of the student’s curriculum during the final 2 years of medical school.

Passing the United States Medical Licensing Examination is required. Satisfactory scores will be required by internships.

An internship is required following the passing of the USMLE. Internships last for 1 year and are followed by a lengthy residency program. A neurosurgical residency will last from 6 to 8 years and will be when a student learns alongside a current neurosurgeon in the field.

Residency will include assisting the other surgeons during surgery.

Once residency has been completed, applying for a Board Certification from the American Board of Neurological Surgery is required. Upon certification, neurosurgeons will be allowed to practice on their own.

Continual education and certification may be required.

International Neurosurgeon Salaries

Neurosurgeons earn £102,000 per annum in the United Kingdom.

Neurosurgeons earn C$155,000 – CAD$300,000 per annum in Canada.

Neurosurgeons earn AU$51,000 – AU$210,000 per annum in Australia.

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