Nurse Manager Salary

The average salary of nurse manager in US is $72,000.

Experts at the hospitals and clinics who manage and plan nursing services and policies to be followed within a hospital are known as Nurse Managers.

Salary of Nurse Managers in Different States

In the different areas of US, the pay of nurse managers varies. The list of some US areas and the salary they pay to these medical professionals are as follow:

  • Alabama: $74,000
  • Alaska: $62,000
  • Arkansas: $72,000
  • California: $80,000
  • Connecticut: $80,000

The figures show that the California and Connecticut has the highest nurse manager salaries while Alaska pays lowest among the others.


Duties of Nurse Manager

Supervising and organizing are the major responsibilities of a nurse manager. People who come under them are:

  1. Nursing staff
  2. Certified nursing assistants
  3. Medical clerks
  4. Registered nurses
  5. Licensed practical nurses

What Work Does a Nurse Managers do

  • Recruiting new nurses for the hospital
  • Training new nursing staff
  • To check that nurses have all the experience, certificates and license to perform nursing duties

Nurse Manager’s job is to keep an eye on these people to make sure that all these professionals are working accurately.

Nurse Manager is also responsible for providing the environment which can help patients to restore their health easily and at fast pace; whether it is short term care plan or of long term, nurse manager makes the arrangements. Nurse Managers are also responsible to direct and develop the staff with the need of time. They also collaborate with health care providers and physicians directly to give patients the perfect medical services they need.

Nurse Managers have to perform so many tasks. Their working starts from maintaining the guidelines of nursing to the arrangements of every aspect that gives perfect medical care quality.

Some duties of Nurse Managers are:

  1. Coaching the nursing staff and maintaining their working abilities
  2. Helping the new employees through counseling
  3. Keeping in check the performance of the nursing staff overall

Assigning the right nurse to each patient and keep things through schedule is also in hands of these professionals.

Policies to control infections and protocols and giving the co-workers clean and safe environment is also one of the responsibilities of nurse manager. Giving the self confidence and providing optimistic surroundings to patients are also the top priority of these health care professionals.


How to Become a Nurse Manager

Becoming a nurse manger requires the perfection in many skills which are:

  • Supervising ability
  • Good nursing skills
  • Management skills
  • Communications skills
  • Patience and good listening skills

As these professional are working in the medical facilities, it is necessary that they must have the knowledge to deal with administering medication. It is their work to provide a safe working environment and make a perfect working team.

Leadership is the biggest gift in this field, so to start your career skillfully you must have:

  • Master’s Degree in the Science of Nursing
  • If not, then other specialty which focuses on nursing criteria
  • Case management experience
  • Experience of administrative management

To improve their education, many nurse managers go for Doctorate in Nursing.

But if you want to be a registered nurse before becoming nurse manager then you can either have Bachelor’s Degree in the Science of Nursing or can have an Associate’s Degree in Nursing.

  • Associate’s Degree program is a two years training program.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in the Science of Nursing is a four years training program.

NCLEX exam is important to pass after finishing your nursing related education. Specializing in one of the nursing field is important to move forward in your nursing career. The most important thing after all this is to enter the case management field and then to go for the licensure or certification.


To become a successful nurse manager, one must pass NCLEX exam. As certification process is different in each state, so one must consult National Council of State Boards of Nursing for rules and regulations.

There are two organizations to look for to get certification are:

  1. ACMA: the American Case Management Association.
  2. CCMC: the Commission for Case Manager Certification.


Nurse Manager Salary In UK, Australia and Canada

In places like United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, the salary of nurse manager per year are as follows:

  •    United Kingdom: between 28,000 and 31,000 pounds
  •    Australia: AU$81,000
  •    Canada: C$80,000


Final Verdict

At the moment, the highest paid job in the nursing field is of Nurse Manager.

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