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The average salary of ophthalmologist in US is $265,250.

A doctor of ophthalmology focuses on patient eye-health, and receives more training than their counterparts: optometrists. These professionals prescribe glasses, perform surgery, treat injuries and even identify eye irregularities that other eye care professionals would otherwise overlook.

Median Ophthalmologist Salary

  • $265,250 per year
  • $128 per hour

An ophthalmologist has a lot of career opportunities, and may work for themselves or in any healthcare setting. These professionals have a median salary of $265,250 ($128/hour). The median is not to be confused with the mean. Instead, the median is defined as the mid-point of a set of data.

Salary range for middle 50% of Ophthalmologists

  • $227,200 – $304,000
  • $109 – $146 per hour

When the top and lowest 25th percentile is removed from a given set of data, the salary ranges are more reflective of what an ophthalmologist will earn. Accuracy is increased with the middle 50% salary range.

In this field, a professional will have a middle 50% salary of $227,200 – $304,000. On an hourly basis, this equates to $109 to $146 per hour. This figure does not account for a total salary, which will be discussed in great detail shortly.

Lowest and highest salary

  • Lowest – $192,500 ($93/hour)
  • Highest – $339,400 ($163/hour)

Ophthalmologists with the highest salaries often work for big companies in very demanding metropolitan areas. These professionals have been in the field for 15+ years and earn a salary of $339,400 ($163/hour).

The lowest salary reflects a professional just entering the field with 0 – 1 year of experience. These professionals earn $93 an hour, or $192,500 a year.

The total salary package

A total salary package is comprised of a salary ($265,250) and all of the benefits a person receives while working in the field. These benefits include disability, 401K, paid time off and Social Security, and other perks, such as healthcare and bonuses.

The total salary package for an ophthalmologist is: $348,000.

Cities with the highest paying Ophthalmologists

  • Ophthalmologists in Hackensack, NJ earn $303,500.
  • Ophthalmologists in Los Angeles, CA earn $290,800.
  • Ophthalmologists in Boston, MA are paid $286,500.
  • Ophthalmologists in San Diego, CA earn $282,000.

States with the highest paying Ophthalmologists

  • New Jersey
  • California
  • Massachusetts

Factors affecting Ophthalmologist Salaries

The vast majority of ophthalmologists work in the healthcare industry (85%). These professionals may also work in the educational field teaching up-and-coming doctors as well as work for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

A doctorate’s degree in the field is a necessity, so education does not play as big of a role in these professionals’ salaries.

Experience is the main factor in the salary a person can demand. A growing field, roughly 33% of all ophthalmologists have just 0 – 1 year of experience. The remaining are broken down into the following:

  • 2 – 5 years of experience: 22%
  • 5 10 years of experience: 11%
  • 10 – 15 years of experience: 5%
  • 15+ years of experience: 29%

Professionals that are in the top 10th percentile will be those with 15+ years of experience.

Training and certification requirements for Ophthalmologists

The training and certification requirements to become an ophthalmologist are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s Degree: An undergraduate degree is necessary before entering into a medical program. A degree in health or science is beneficial, but it is not a necessity.
  • Medical Degree: Postgraduate education is a must. Professionals that enter into a medical degree will have to undergo an additional 4 years of schooling, for a total of 8 years of schooling up until this point.
  • Residency: Every ophthalmologist will have to complete a residency program. Residency is a mandatory 3 years, and will need to be an approved, surgical residency program.
  • Internship: A one-year (mandatory) internship is required. Students can remain in the internship for longer if they wish.

Once all of the requirements have been met, practitioners will need to obtain their medical licenses.

The ophthalmology specialization of optometry may require board certification. A professional in this field will deal mainly with eye surgery. They help patients with severe eye issues that cannot be corrected using standard eye glasses or contacts, or issues that may have long-term consequences.

International Ophthalmologist Salaries

Ophthalmologists earn £61,300 per annum in the United Kingdom.

Ophthalmologists earn C$245,000 – C$260,000 per annum in Canada.

Ophthalmologists earn AU$56,800 per annum in Australia.

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