Oral Surgeon Salary

The average salary of oral surg in US is $250,000.

In the medical industry today, oral surgeons are the most demanded and highly paid professionals because of many fine reasons. Oral surgeons are in charge of performing various oral surgeries to cure or prevent injuries, deformities or diseases, also to improve the patient’s aesthetic appearance and his life span.

In the United States, the median average salary of oral surgeons is around $250,000 per year. Experience and training of an individual greatly affect the amount he can earn in a year. Oral surgeons that are self employed or work in clinics also earn more money as compared to others in the field.

Oral Surgeon Salary in Different States

In the United States of America, the average salary of an oral surgeon depends upon the state he is employed in. Different states offer different annual salary figures to the professional working there.

The average salary an oral surgeon makes in the New York state is recorded to be around $249,000. Same healthcare professional working in the state of Massachusetts makes a yearly salary of around $230,000. In California an oral surgeon makes around $179,000 per annum.

Oral Surgeon working in larger cities or metropolitan areas are paid more than the surgeons working in the rural areas or small cities. The difference in salaries here is based on the location rather than the experience of the surgeon. Two surgeons with same experience and training will have different salaries based on the location they are working in.

Duties of Oral Surgeon

There are so many duties and responsibilities of oral surgeons. They are the dental specialists and deal with various aspects of problems and conditions associated with mouth, face, jaws and teeth. Other name of these professionals is oral maxillofacial surgeons and they treat and cure problems of jaw and mouth like extraction of wisdom teeth, facial pain, or jaws misalignment.

Mainly, the duty of experienced oral surgeons is the medical treatment of the patients who have suffered facial damage and trauma after the accident or any mayhem. It is the necessity that these professionals must have a good knowledge regarding pain control and field of anesthesia as they work in the intense situations where knowing about these things is a must.

There are diverse duties that are performed by these professionals. From the removal of diseased tooth to the implantation of missing tooth, they deal with all. This is also the reason why these professionals work closely with other experts of this field like restorative dentists. They also deal and treat facial injuries. For that purpose, they can repair facial skin lacerations, mend jaws and other bones that are fractured, reconnect nerves and vessels damaged in an injury. Along with these tasks, they are also the experts who treat forehead, nasal, cheek and other bone and tissue of the face including eye sockets.

Many oral maxillofacial surgeons also specialize in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. Not only this, but they also are able to deal with temporomandibular joint disorders. They treat and deal with many facial pain disorders.

How to Become an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon

Students who have decided to be oral maxillofacial surgeon and are interested to complete their education regarding it, first have to complete 2 years of pre-dental education in college to apply for the dental school. Most people complete a Bachelor’s Degree in the field, however a Master’s Degree can be recommended in some places as well. If you want to become an oral maxillofacial surgeon then it is recommended that you take biology, chemistry and similar subjects as your major.

For enrolling into a dental school, students are required to complete their college education which takes around 3 years and after that they can enroll in the dental school. Students can also complete their Bachelor’s program while they are enrolled in the dental school.

Students are required to opt for a surgical postdoctoral program in their training period which usually continues for around four years. OMG training also plays an important role, and most of these healthcare professionals need not less than 30 months of practical experience in clinical setting, and must have good expertise in the management, diagnosis and treatment of different problems that occur in maxillofacial or oral area. All the professionals in residency required to complete the same surgical training.


In the United States of America, you can only practice your profession as an oral maxillofacial surgeon if either you are certified or you are licensed professional and that is the requirement in all the states. To become a licensed or certified oral maxillofacial surgeon you must have the right training and an official degree from an accredited school of the OMS medicine. Oral maxillofacial surgeons also require to pass the national exam which will grant them the permission to apply for the license to practice their profession in the state where they choose to work in.

Oral Surgeon Salary In Canada, Australia And UK

Oral maxillofacial surgeon is a good profession to select all over the world as it is one of the finest paying healthcare professions. It is a profession that requires the surgeon to be very responsible. Oral maxillofacial surgeons need to be great with the practical work.

People working as oral maxillofacial surgeons in the United Kingdom earn a median salary of 50,000 pounds per year. The salary is greatly affected by the experience of the professional in the field. Oral maxillofacial surgeons employed in Australia can earn an average salary of around AU$210,000 per annum. The salaries are reported by Bureau of Labor Statistics. Also, these healthcare professionals working in Canada can earn a yearly salary between 98,000 to 150,000 CAD. The experience also matters here in deciding the salary.


Final Verdict

Oral maxillofacial surgeons can earn handsome salary in countries like US, UK, Canada and Australia. It is also a highly paid job in other countries as well. While it requires a great deal of experience to be a successful oral surgeon and a great deal of learning, it is worth as this profession is very rewarding. In the United States there is a fair demand for oral surgeons and there are plenty of jobs available. You can earn a great salary as an oral surgeon and it will only increase as you will become more experienced in the field.

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