The average salary of pediatrician in US is $181,048.

A pediatrician diagnoses and treats illnesses and ailments of children. In addition, they also work with parents to help keep kids healthy. They provide preventative care, immunizations, and guidance for mental, social and emotional health. Simply put, pediatricians are general physicians for children.

Median Pediatrician Salary

  • $181,048 per year
  • $87 per hour

The median salary for pediatricians is $181,048 per year, or $87 an hour. It’s important to note that the median salary is not the average salary, but rather the mid-point (or middle) salary for these medical professionals.

Salary range for middle 50% of pediatricians

  • $157,977 – $216,474
  • $76 – $104 per hour

The middle 50% salary range for pediatricians does not take into account the top and bottom 25% of earners. When this data is removed, prospective pediatricians are left with a more accurate picture of the salary range they can expect to earn after working in the field for a year.

Lowest and highest salary

  • Lowest – $136,971 ($66/hour)
  • Highest – $248,727 ($120/hour)

The lowest and highest salaries are awarded to those who are just entering the field and those who have many years of experience respectively. The lowest salary in the pediatrician field is $136,971 per year ($66 an hour). The highest salary is $248,727 per year, or $120 per hour.

The total salary package

A pediatrician’s base salary only represents 72% of his or her yearly earnings. Benefits and bonuses will also offer added compensation. Benefits include retirement accounts, pensions, time off, disability insurance, Social Security and any other perks the employer may offer.

With this in mind, a pediatrician’s total yearly salary package is roughly $250,574.

Cities with the highest paying pediatricians

  • Pediatricians in Salt Lake City, UT earn $255,450.
  • Pediatricians in Jacksonville, FL are paid $253,360.
  • Pediatricians in Jonesboro, AR earn $252,770.
  • Pediatricians in Cape Coral, FL earn $249,930.
  • Pediatricians in Jackson, MS earn $242,120.

States with the highest paying pediatricians

  • Montana at $236,690
  • Utah at $236,410
  • South Dakota at $227,200
  • Mississippi at $224,410
  • Nebraska at $207,480

Factors affecting pediatrician salaries

A pediatrician’s salary will be based on a variety of factors, such as experience level, location of employment, and the industry he or she chooses to work in.

Experience plays a major role in the amount of money a pediatrician earns each year, but data shows that this field is growing at a rapid pace. Only 13% of pediatricians have 15+ years of experience, while 30% have less than one year, and 26% have 2-5 years. Competition is high in this field, but demand is just as high. Entry-level pediatricians can expect to still earn a generous salary.

Location is another key factor in salary amount – especially in the medical field. Cities with excellent healthcare facilities, such as Syracuse, NY; Salt Lake City, UT; and Jacksonville, FL will offer higher salaries.

Finally, industry will affect a pediatrician’s salary. Most will work in physician’s office, and some will even own their own practice. These individuals will earn about $180,000 per year. However, those who work at specialty hospitals and local governments will earn higher salaries at $209,140 and $189,300 respectively.

Training and certification requirements for Pediatricians

The road to becoming a pediatrician is a long one. Like other physicians, many years of education and training are required before a pediatrician can start practicing.

First, you must earn a bachelor’s degree. Ideally, that degree will be in a related discipline and you will have completed pre-med coursework.

The next step is to complete medical school. Before you can be accepted, you will need to take the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). Once you have passed the exam and have been accepted to a medical school, you will spend the first two years completing coursework in a classroom. The final two years will be spent doing clinical work while being supervised by a licensed physician.

The next step is to complete a residency program. Ideally, you will want to choose a program that focuses on children’s medicine.

From here, you will earn your medical license and become board certified to practice as a pediatrician in your state.

International Pediatrician Salaries

Pediatricians earn £45,000 per annum in the United Kingdom.

Pediatricians earn CAD$35,000 – CAD$163,620 per annum in Canada.

Pediatricians earn AU$29,799 – AU$154,084 per annum in Australia.

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