Periodontist Salary

The average salary of periodontist in US is $270,000.

Complete Details Of the Profession

The average salary of the periodontist is $270,000 annually in the United States but many earn between $97,000 and $241,000 yearly. The average salary mentioned here is according to the data of Stony Brook University.

Factors Affecting Salary of Periodontist

The factors that influence the salary of periodontist are:

  • The work place
  • Experience in the field
  • Skill levels
  • Geographical location of the working place
  • Establishment type

The salary varies for these professional. Those who are practicing this profession on their own and have a private place can make up to $306,000 per year. Periodontists who are practicing their professions in academic and research centers have the annual salary ranging from $100,000 to $190,000. Those who are in the field of dental prosthetics earn the salary of $111,000 to $212,000 annually. The periodontists who practice this profession in hospitals have the annual salary between $102,000 and $197,000 and private clinics offer salaries between $105,000 and $215,000 yearly.


Duties of Periodontist

Periodontists are the dentists with specialization. They have specialized in diagnosing and treating diseases of the teeth supporting structures like jaws, gums and other connective tissues associated with teeth. Mainly, it is the duty of the periodontist to care for the dental health of the patient.

Periodontists are also capable of carrying cosmetic surgeries and procedures that are helpful in improving the patient’s smile. This process includes the surgical removal of the gums around teeth as in some people, too much gums are present on the teeth. These professionals also replace original but uneven or bad shaped teeth with artificial teeth for better looks.

The tasks that are performed by periodontists are root planning, scaling and removing of damaged tissues. They also deal with the dental placement procedures.


How to Become a Periodontist

The training of periodontists requires three more years of study than the general dentists and they are capable of performing much complex dental procedures. It is the requirement that periodontists must go to the accredited dental school. After that, for periodontists, 3 years post graduate program is in the list. For the practice in this profession, obtaining periodontist license is the need.

For the admission in dental school, many institutes require a bachelor’s degree. Only few colleges don’t need this degree for admission. Other requirement of the dental colleges is opting science subject in the college. In science, the subjects to study are biology, physics, chemistry and anatomy. The major to select is up to you but the chance of getting accepted at the college increases when you go for biology and chemistry.

Getting the admission in your desired dental college is not easy and for that you need to do great deal of hard work. The things that can increase the chance of getting admitted in the college are:

  • Top scores in DAT (Dental Admission Test)
  • Good scores in bachelor’s degree program
  • Letters of recommendation

The total education at dental school will be of four years in which two years will be for the classroom and laboratory classes that will be comprise of the subjects anatomy, anesthesia, physiology, periodontology, and radiology. The last two years of the study include direct practicing on patients under the supervision of dentists.

When you complete the dental school, you need to go for additional 3 years in residency to be a periodontist. This is the time when you get specialized in this field. The three years’ time will spend in the training under supervision of the periodontists that will help you to perform the periodontics tasks.

The next step to be a periodontist is getting a license or certificate of the field. You can complete this requirement by passing examination that will test your field knowledge through practical and written exam.

If you need to get a board certificate in your field, you need to pass the exam of American Board of Periodontology that will also be the oral, written and practical test.


Final Verdict

The salary of the periodontist is among the highest salaries in the health field but all these benefits need lots of hard work and struggle in the educational years. However, there is the salary difference in the professionals who go for this career in urban or rural settings. Urban professionals earn higher than those who are working as the periodontist in rural areas.


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