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The average salary of pharmacist in US is $120,950.

Pharmacists work in pharmacies and hospitals dispensing medications. The average pharmacy salary is not based only on dispensing medications. These professionals work closely with physicians to determine dosages, side effects and appropriate medication selection for patients.

Median pharmacy salary

  • $120,950 per year
  • $58.15 per hour

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that a median salary for a pharmacist is $120,950 annually, or $58.15 per hour. The median is based on the 50th percentile of a set of salary information and is not to be confused with the average salary for all pharmacists.

Salary range for middle 50% of pharmacists

  • $106,520-$138,010
  • $51.21 – $66.35 per hour

Removing the top and bottom 25% of salaries in a given list allows us to see the middle 50% of a salary’s range. This figure is more indicative of what a person can expect their salary to be during their career. For a pharmacist, these figures are $106,520 – $138,010, or $51.21 to $66.35 per hour.

Lowest and highest salary

  • Lowest – $89,320 ($42.94/hour)
  • Highest – $150,550 ($72.38/hour)

The top and bottom 10% pharmacy data demonstrates the salary of the least and most experienced workers in a field. A new pharmacist would fall in the bottom 10th percentile and earn as little as $89,320 annually ($42.94/hour). On the other end of the spectrum, a person on top of the industry that has had a fruitful career will be within the top 10th percentile of workers, earning as much as $150,550 annually ($72.38/hour).

The total salary package

Total salary package is not precise, but more of a measure of what a person’s true salary value will be when social security, retirement benefits, vacation and time off is added into the base salary equation. Based off of data supplied by, a pharmacist’s total salary package is $167,005 per year.

Cities with the highest paid pharmacists

  • Pharmacists in Santa Cruz, California make $164,850 a year.
  • Pharmacists in Gadsden, Alabama earn $155,940 annually.
  • Pharmacists in Fresno, California earn $143,980 each year.
  • Pharmacists in Chico, California make $142,380 per year on average.

States with the highest paid pharmacists

  • Alaska at $136,320 a year.
  • California at $132,160 per year.
  • Maine at $129,100 a year.
  • New Hampshire at $124,540 per year.
  • Wisconsin at $123,290 a year.

Factors affecting pharmacy salaries

Pharmacists have factors that affect their overall salaries. These factors include location, industry and experience.

Experience is the factor found in every field that is a great representation of a person’s salary. Experienced pharmacists will earn a higher salary than their inexperienced counterparts regardless of location and industry.

Metropolitan areas often offer the highest salaries. Cities such as Santa Cruz, Fresno and Chico are among the top 5 with the highest salaries in the industry, and they are all based in California.

In terms of industry, the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides annual mean wages for the top 5 industries in the occupation with salary ranges from $115,110 to $119,420. Less drastic than most fields, all salary ranges in the top 5 industries are within $4,000 of each other, with Health and Personal Care Stores being the highest paid industry.

Growing as fast as average at 14% over the span of 10 years, the pharmacy field as a whole is expected to add 41,400 jobs between 2012 and 2022.

Training and certification requirements for pharmacists

Excellent analytical, communication and computer skills are essential for a pharmacist. These professionals must also be detail oriented and have the utmost in managerial skills to succeed in the industry.

School is very intense with the need to obtain a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Undergraduate studies will depend in the Doctor of Pharmacy program a person enrolls in. Programs will require an associate or bachelor’s degree to apply for the basic Pharmacy College Admissions Test.

Students that pass the PCAT will undergo 4 years more of schooling, with some programs offering 3-year accelerated programs. Students that are leaving high school may be able to apply for a Doctor of Pharmacy program directly after graduation. The benefit of these programs is that the student will follow a streamlined path to becoming a pharmacist and will follow all of the pre-requisites that the school demands.

Internships will be required wherein a student will work in a hospital or similar environment.

Professionals that want to work as a clinical pharmacist or in another specialization will need to complete a 1 to 2 year residency program in their respective specialization.

All pharmacists within the United States are required to become licensed, which requires a two exam format.

Certification is offered through the Board of Pharmacy Specialties. This certification is optional and will only be obtained if a person wants to boost their credentials. There are 8 specialties to choose from.

International Pharmacy Salaries

£37,379 on average in the U.K.

C$85,000 C$95,000 in Canada

AU$46,975 – AU$85,393 in Australia




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