Prosthodontist Salary

The average salary of prosthodontist in US is $168,000.

Prosthodontists are the dentists who are specialized in installing dental prosthetics that also include dentures.

For becoming a prosthodontist, it is must that you first get your licensure as a dentist and you can do it by attending a dental school and getting your Bachelor’s Degree from there. Then you are required to do special training in the field for three years to become a licensed prosthodontist.

The average salary of prosthodontist in USA is around $168,000 per year. However, based on years of experience and training, many prosthodontists earn more than the average figure.

Prosthodontist Salary in Different States

In US, prosthodontists can earn more or less depending on the state they are working in. States like Delaware, North Dakota and Alaska are reported to be the lowest paying state for prosthodontists in the US. North Carolina, Rhode Island and Vermont are in the list of states which pay lower than national average salary to the prosthodontists.

Meanwhile, Maine is known to be a very good state for prosthodontist to continue their profession. It pays a median salary of $206,000 to prosthodontists working there.  Hawaii and Carolina are also reported to be the finest paying states for prosthodontists.


Duties of Prosthodontist

Prosthodontists are specialized dentists and their duties include development and installation of crowns and dentures and also bridges. They help patients to replace missing teeth. Other duties of prosthodontists are dealing with the prevention, diagnosing and treatment of mouth and teeth diseases. They remove decay, apply plastic sealants and do other measures to protect teeth. They also perform gum surgery.

Prosthodontists are required to create molds for the dentures and dental bridges. They are also required to deal with office and administrative works that may include tasks like ordering supplies, purchasing equipments and doing work like bookkeeping. These professionals work close to other professionals from the related field like hygienists, dental assistants, dental laboratory technicians and receptionists.

Prosthodontists can practice their profession in various settings and places. They can work in hospitals, small clinics or can be self employed and work in their own place. They have good place among medical staff along with the staff of assistants and the administrative personnel.

Others prominent jobs that a prosthodontist may require to do include replacement of broken teeth and other structures that are associated with teeth, fabrication of dental prostheses, supervision of dental and lab technicians, collection impressions of patients teeth and jaw etc. Prosthodontists work along with other specialists, general dentists and with a wide range of different healthcare professionals. They have their areas of expertise in relining and repairing dentures and fixtures along with installing them.


How to Become a Prosthodontist

It is not very easy to become a prosthodontist as compared to becoming a general dentist it requires lot more experience and training. If you are planning to become a prosthodontist then first it is recommended that you get a major in physics, chemistry or biology. Along with this, you should also attend some pre-dental courses in Psychology and English as well. Then you should take the DAT (Dental Admission Test) to enroll into a dental school. The DAT is administrated by the American Dental Association, passing it will help you in enrolling into a dental school where you will continue your studies for 4 years and after that get your degree as Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine. Throughout your learning process you will specialize in dental anatomy, craniofacial biology, pharmacology and various dental materials.

You will need to clear National Board Dental Examination after you get your degree in order to become a licensed prosthodontist. It is important to remember here that licensing requirement can change from state to state. After getting your license, you have to complete the residency training before you can move onto the next stages for becoming a prosthodontist. You will need practical experience in carrying out dental implant treatment and oral restoration which you can learn by following a post doctoral residency program that normally continues for three years. The training program will help you by increasing your clinical and technical skills and help you learn more about your adjacent medical fields such as pathology, anatomy, oncology and prosthetic.


People who want to practice as a prosthodontist in the US need to first become a credentialed and licensed dentist. You can achieve it only by completing the necessary training and getting degree from an accredited school with dental medicine specialization. The next requirement is to get graduation from an accredited prosthodontic residency program and clear the national exam. After that you can then apply for getting your licensure from the state where you want to practice your profession. By only completing all of the above mentioned things you can practice as a prosthodontist in your desired state.


Prosthodontist Salary in Australia, Canada and UK

Prosthodontist practicing their profession in Canada should expect a mean annual salary around $140,000. Meanwhile those prosthodontist who are working in Australia can expect a yearly salary of around AU$200,000. While these are the average salaries, the amount people can earn in these countries is not fixed. Depending upon the years of experience, certification and training it can be more or less.

People who are working as prothodontists in the United Kingdom can expect a yearly salary starting from 30,000 pounds (mostly the beginners in the field) to 100,000 pounds based on experience. The median yearly salary of prosthodontist in UK is reported to be around 60,000 pounds.


Final Verdict

In a conclusion, while it is not easy to become a prosthodontist, it cannot be overlooked that it is a very rewarding profession in the United States or any other country. Prosthodontists enjoy healthy salary with exception of few states in the United States. The number of jobs relating with the profession are also increasing at the current moment and it is expected that they will continue to rise in the coming years. The average salary is also expected to increase in the future.

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