The average salary of toxicologist in US is $72,519.

A toxicologist studies the effects of chemicals and radiation on the human body, the environment, animals and other living things. A professional toxicologist monitors, researchers and analyzes these effects to improve the health of humans and the ecosystem.

Median toxicologist salary

  • $72,519 per year
  • $35 per hour

The median salary for a toxicologist is $72,519 per year, or $35 per hour. This number does not represent the average salary, but rather the middle salary (or mid-point of the data). Median salaries are less likely to be skewed by outliers, like extreme high or low salaries that only a few people earn.

Salary range for middle 50% of toxicologists

  • $59,797 – $87,577
  • $29 – $42 per hour

The salary range for the middle 50% of toxicologists offers an even more accurate picture of what most professionals will earn in this field. The middle 50% removes the top and bottom earners from the equation, so the results are less skewed.

Lowest and highest salary

  • Lowest – $48,214 ($23/hour)
  • Highest – $101,287 ($49/hour)

The top and bottom earners in this field represent only a small portion of workers. The lowest 10% are newcomers to the field or work in an area where demand/cost of living is lower. The top 10% of earners have likely been in the business for decades and offer a level of expertise that few could match.

The lowest earners in this field will bring home about $48,214 per year, or $23 per hour. The highest earners will make $101,287 annually, or $49 per hour.

The total salary package

Most people consider only the base salary of a profession when looking at compensation. However, toxicologists, like other careers, offer compensation in other forms, such as benefits and bonuses. Bonuses might include health insurance, paid vacation, 401K, Social Security, disability and pension. With this in mind, a toxicologist’s total salary package is roughly $101,931 per year.

Cities with the highest paying Toxicologists

  • Toxicologists in New York, NY earn $85,508.
  • Toxicologists in Los Angeles, CA earn $79,510.
  • Toxicologists in Chicago, IL are paid $76,261.
  • Toxicologists in Houston, TX earn $72,954.

States with the highest paying toxicologists

  • New York at $85,508
  • California at $79,510
  • Illinois at $76,261

Factors affecting toxicologist salaries

In the field of toxicology, experience plays a major role in how much you will earn. Location will also be important.

Data reveals that toxicologists earn a substantially higher salary later in their career (after the 20-year mark). During the first five years, a newcomer may earn between $59,000 and $87,000. By the time that individual reaches the 20-year mark, he or she will likely be earning $101,000 or more per year.

Location is also important. Like other professions, toxicologists who work in metropolitan areas, like New York City and Chicago will earn a higher salary than a toxicologist who works in a smaller town.

Training and certification requirements for toxicologists

A toxicologist’s primary duties are to determine how certain chemicals affect humans and other organisms as well as their surroundings. Of course, specific job duties will vary depending on the toxicologist’s employer. For instance, some may work in the forensic field and examine chemical substances at a crime scene, while others may measure the toxicity of wastewater.

In order to become a toxicologist, you must earn a bachelor’s degree in toxicology. Here, you will learn the chemical makeup of most toxins and gain a better understanding of how they affect ecology, physiology and biochemistry. Life science courses make up the core of the program, but students will also participate in labs and learn how to apply these principles to research.

Students at the advanced level will choose a specialty field, such as law enforcement or the pharmaceutical industry.

If you do not plan on enrolling in a toxicology program, the Society of Toxicology recommends earning a degree in either chemistry or biology.

Advanced degrees are not required in this field, but some employers may prefer applicants who have completed a Master of Science in Toxicology or a Doctorate of Philosophy in Toxicology. Even if you do not pursue an advanced degree, employers will be looking for applicants who have laboratory experience.

Those who choose to earn an advanced degree will likely choose a specialty field, such as environmental, clinical, human, forensic, or chemical.

International Toxicologist Salaries

Toxicologists earn £21,400 – £75,000 per annum in the United Kingdom.

Toxicologists earn CAD$50,861 – CAD$106,847 per annum in Canada.

Toxicologists earn AU$21,488 – AU$112,709 per annum in Australia.

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