The average salary of median trauma surgeon in US is $360,653.

A trauma surgeon is a specialist in the medical field that uses both operative and non-operative methods to treat traumatic injuries, typically acute. These medical professionals treat the most life-threatening, severe injuries, and oftentimes, treatment requires operation on multiple organ systems, including the spleen, colon, stomach, and pancreas.

Median trauma surgeon salary

  • $360,653 per year
  • $173 per hour

A trauma surgeon’s median salary is not the average salary, but rather the mid-point of all salary data. The median salary for medical professionals who choose this career is $360,653 per year, or $173 per hour.

Salary range for middle 50% of trauma surgeons

  • $313,014 – $431,629
  • $150 – $208 per hour

The middle 50% salary provides prospective trauma surgeons with a more accurate picture of what their salary will be. To arrive at these figures, the top and bottom 25% of earners are removed from the equation. This leaves a middle 50% salary range of $313,014 and $431,629 per year ($150-$208 per hour) for this field.

Lowest and highest salary

  • Lowest – $269,641 ($130/hour)
  • Highest – $496,249 ($239/hour)

A trauma surgeon who is just getting started in his or her career will earn the lowest (bottom 10%) salary, while a surgeon with many years of experience will earn the highest (top 10%) salary. Even on the low end, these medical professionals earn a lucrative salary. The bottom 10% will earn $269,641 per year ($130 per hour) on average, while the top 10% will earn $496,249 per year ($239 per hour).

The total salary package

Along with their base salary, trauma surgeons will also earn additional compensation in the form of bonuses and benefits. Benefits include health insurance, pension, social security, retirement funds, disability and paid time off. In total, a trauma surgeon can expect to earn $477,348 on average with the value of benefits and bonuses included.

Cities with the highest paying Trauma surgeons

  • Trauma surgeons in New York, NY earn $425,245.
  • Trauma surgeons in Washington, DC earn $398,160.
  • Trauma surgeons in Boston, MA are paid $389,505.
  • Trauma surgeons in Chicago, IL earn $379,262.

States with the highest paying trauma surgeons

  • New York at $425,245
  • District of Columbia at $398,160
  • Massachusetts at $389,505

Factors affecting trauma surgeon salaries

Trauma surgeons earn more or less than the median salary depending on their experience level, location and place of employment.

As mentioned previously, those with many years of experience will earn a higher salary. This is a field in which a rather large percentage of people have a great deal of experience. In fact, 23% have been in the field for 15+ years, while 28% have been a trauma surgeon for one year or less.

As far as place of employment is concerned, trauma surgeons generally work in two industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Education, Government and Nonprofit

A staggering 91% work in the Healthcare field, while only 9% work in the Education, Government and Nonprofit industry.

Training and certification requirements for trauma surgeons

Becoming a trauma surgeon is a long and arduous process, but for those who want to make a real difference in people’s lives, the reward is well worth the effort.

Training starts with a bachelor’s degree in a related area, such as pre-med, biology or another related science discipline. Courses include: physics, biology, chemistry and anatomy. It will take four years to earn an undergraduate degree.

Once a student earns his or her bachelor’s degree, it’s time to move on to medical school to earn a doctorate of medicine (M.D.). These programs generally consist of two years laboratory/classroom work and two years of clinical clerkships. Students may take courses in microbiology, pharmacology and a variety of other related subjects.

During the clerkship portion of training, students will work with patients in healthcare facilities. Once complete, students can take the USMLE to become a licensed doctor.

The next step is to enroll in a medical residency. In this case, students will want to enroll in a general surgery residency to learn the essential basics of being a trauma surgeon. Students may spend two to three years in this residency and will complete surgery rotations in cardiac and trauma surgery.

Once a residency is complete and students obtain the appropriate amount of experience established by the ABS (American Board of Surgery), they can become certified.

The next and final step is to enter a one to two year trauma fellowship. A fellowship offers additional training that’s vital to the trauma field.

International Trauma Surgeon Salaries

Trauma surgeons earn £95,806 – £187,669 per annum in the United Kingdom.

Trauma surgeons earn CAD$72,542 – CAD$323,584 per annum in Canada.

Trauma surgeons earn AU$58,723 – AU$310,939 per annum in Australia.

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