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Health Administrator Salary in 2018 | Health Worker Salary 2018

Health Administrator Salary in 2018

Healthcare Administration Salaries

The Average Salary 

The average salary of administrator in US is $92,810.

A health administrator is in charge of planning, directing and coordinating medical services. Some administrators manage a specific department or clinical area, while others mange entire facilities or private medical practices. Because of the increased responsibilities that come along with this occupation, the median health administration salary is much higher than the national average.

  • Median Health Administrator Salary
  • Lowest and Highest Salary
  • Salary Range for Middle 50%





Average $92,810


$120,740 ($58.05/h)

Average $92,810







To determine the salary range of the middle 50% who work in this field, the top and bottom 25% must be removed from the equation. In the case of health administrators, this equates to a salary range of $71,820-$120,740 annually, or $34.53-$58.05 per hour.

The Total Salary Package

Base Salary represents 74% : 

Benefits and bonuses includes : 

Retirement Accounts

Health Insurance

Paid Vacation

Social Security

Other Perks


In addition to a base salary and bonuses, health administrators also receive added compensation in the form of benefits, such as health insurance, pension plan, 401k, and paid vacation. The total salary package for a health administrator may be $124,881 or more.

Cities with the highest paying health administrators

CitiesAnnual Salary
Health administrator Salary in San Jose$157,510
Health administrator Salary in Madera$148,850
Health administrator Salary in San Francisco$146,580
Health administrator Salary in Vallejo$139,400

States with the highest paying health administrators

StatesAnnual Salary
Health administrator Salary in District of Columbia$131,160
Health administrator Salary in California$122,410
Health administrator Salary in New York$121,930
Health administrator Salary in Connecticut$117,680
Health administrator Salary in New Jersey$115,370

Factors affecting health administrator salaries

Experience level, industry and location will have an effect on how much a health administrator earns each year.

1. Experience

Just like any other industry, health administrators with many years of experience will earn more than those who are just getting started in the field.

2. Industry

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the industries with the highest levels of employment in this field, which include: general medical and surgical hospitals, physician offices, home health care services, outpatient care centers and nursing care facilities. Those who work in the nursing care facilities industry will earn lower than the overall median salary for this occupation. Those who work in the remaining industries on this list will earn a higher-than-average salary.

3. Location

Location will also affect how much a health administrator earns. The District of Columbia, California, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey offer the highest salaries. These states also have higher costs of living, which is another factor that will impact salary ranges.

Demand for health administrators is high, with BLS’s Occupational Outlook Handbook estimating a 23% growth in the field between 2012 and 2022. This is much faster than the average for all occupations.

Training and Certification Requirements

To succeed as a health administrator, you must have excellent managerial, organizational and communication skills. There are also educational requirements that must be met before you can enter the field.

A career in health administration starts with an undergraduate degree. Employers will require a bachelor’s degree, but many individuals pursue a master’s or doctorate degree. A graduate degree may be required by larger facilities or for executive positions.

Graduate programs will take between two and three years to complete. Courses will be related to hospital administration, including strategy, hospital organization, finance and economics, healthcare law and healthcare technology systems.

Health administrators who work in hospitals are not required to be licensed, but those who work in long-term care facilities must be licensed. An exam must be taken for initial licensure. To uphold their licenses, health administrators must maintain proof of practice or continuing education.

The law does not require board certification, but many administrators do get certified as a way to demonstrate their competence and professionalism. The American College of Healthcare Executives is the certification body for health administrators.

Health administrators are leaders with excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. They know how to communicate with and motivate staff.

Because these professionals have such a wide range of experience and knowledge, opportunities for growth are abundant. Many move onto managing larger facilities or working for government organizations. Some may also choose to serve as educators or consultants.

International Health Administrator Salaries

CountriesAnnual Salary
Health Administration Salary in the UK£27,000 – £37,000
Health Administration Salary in CanadaC$24,036 – C$50,646
Health Administration Salary in AustraliaAU$47,000 – AU$50,877


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