Hematologist-oncologist Salary in 2018

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The Average Salary 

The average salary of hematologist-oncologist in US is $274,859.

A hematologist oncologist is a physician who diagnoses, treats and helps prevent diseases and cancers of the blood, including hemophilia, anemia, leukemia, lymphoma, and sickle-cell disease. These physicians are trained in oncology, the study of cancer, and hematology, the study of blood. Hematology oncology is a very specialized field, and physicians who choose this career path earn a very high salary.

  • Median Hematologist oncologist Salary
  • Lowest and Highest Salary
  • Salary Range for Middle 50%





Average $274,859

$172,326 ($83/h)

$416,583 ($200/h)

Average $274,859







When hematologist oncologists enter the field, they will typically earn a salary that is close to the bottom 10th percentile, which is $172,326. Those who have many decades of experience and are at the highest point in their career will earn $416,583 or more.

The Total Salary Package

Base Salary represents 74% : 

Benefits and bonuses includes : 

Retirement Accounts

Health Insurance

Time Off

Social Security

Other Perks


Hematologist oncologists are also awarded many benefits and bonuses throughout the year, which boosts their income even higher. Benefits may include health insurance, pension plans, retirement plans, social security and paid time off. The total salary package for a hematologist oncologist is roughly $369,658 a year.

Cities with the highest paying hematologist oncologists

CitiesAnnual Salary
Hematologist Oncologist Salary in Boston$296,848
Hematologist Oncologist Salary in Washington$303,444
Hematologist Oncologist Salary in Los Angeles$301,355
Hematologist Oncologist Salary in Atlanta$277,195

States with the highest paying hematologist oncologists

  • Massachusetts
  • District of Columbia
  • California
  • Georgia
  • New York

Factors affecting hematologist oncologist salaries

There are many factors that will play a role in how much a hematologist oncologist earns each year. Experience, location and industry are just a few of these factors.

1. Experience

Experience is important in any field, but it’s especially important in the hematology oncology field. Physicians with many years of experience offer invaluable expertise and diagnostic skills. These individuals are rewarded with a higher salary that can reach over $400,000 per year.

2. Location

Location of employment is also a factor. Hematologists who work in Los Angeles, California will likely earn a higher salary than someone working in a small town in the same state. Generally, high populous cities and states will offer higher salaries. Cities with some of the best hospitals in the country, such as Boston, Washington and Atlanta, will offer the highest pay in the industry.

Training and Certification Requirements

Because hematologist oncologists are physicians, they must undergo the typical route of earning an undergraduate degree and entering medical school. Training doesn’t stop here as budding hematologist oncologists are then required to complete a residency program and fellowship.

First, a bachelor’s degree must be earned from an accredited university. No specific major is required, but courses must be taken in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. After earning a bachelor’s degree, students must apply to medical school.

Medical school takes approximately four years to complete. The first two years will generally be spent in the classroom. Courses will include microbiology, physiology, pathology and anatomy. The final two years are spent doing clinical work and interacting with live patients. At this stage, students are not required to take courses in hematology or oncology, but taking electives in courses related to these disciplines is recommended.

Next, students will move on to a three-year residency program. This program will provide students with practical knowledge and skills on how to treat adults. Those who wish to treat adults will choose a residency program in internal medicine, while those who want to treat children will choose a residency program in pediatrics.

Finally, a fellowship program must be completed. These programs take at least two years to complete. Some programs will offer clinical work, while others will be more research-based.

Once the fellowship is complete, students must pass the appropriate certifying exams in order to become a licensed hematologist oncologist.

Altogether, hematologist oncologists will have to undergo over a decade of training before they can become licensed to practice

International Hematologist Oncologist Salaries

CountriesAnnual Salary
Hematologist Oncologist Salary in the UK£37,176 – £69,325
Hematologist Oncologist Salary in CanadaC$175,629– C$439,158
Hematologist Oncologist Salary in AustraliaAU$200,004


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