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Physical Therapist Salary in 2018 | Health Worker Salary 2018

Physical Therapist Salary in 2018

Medical Specialties Salaries

The Average Salary 

The average salary of physical therapist in US is $82,390.

Physical therapists work in rehabilitation centers, hospitals and other healthcare institutes. A physical therapist (PT) helps people who are injured in accidents or have life-changing disabilities overcome ambulatory issues.

  • Median Physical Therapist Salary
  • Lowest and Highest Salary
  • Salary Range for Middle 50%

$82,390 per year

$39.61 per hour

The median salary for physical therapists is $82,390 per year, or $39,61 an hour. It’s important to note that the median salary is not the average salary, but rather the mid-point (or middle) salary for these medical professionals.

The Total Salary Package

Base Salary represents 74% : 

Benefits and bonuses includes : 

Retirement Accounts

Disability Insurance

Time Off

Social Security

Other Perks


Data supplied through Salary.com demonstrates the total salary package a physical therapist can expect to earn when working in the field. This salary is drastically different than the average due to benefits being given a monetary value. As such, the total salary package comes out to $111,138 per year. This figure includes a value for health, social security and retirement benefits.

Cities with the highest paying physical therapists

CitiesAnnual Salary
Physical Therapist Salary in Las Vegas$141,490
Physical Therapist Salary in Laredo$130,110
Physical Therapist Salary in Brownsville$121,010
Physical Therapist Salary in Lake Havasu City$117,560

States with the highest paying physical therapists

StatesAnnual Salary
Physical Therapist Salary in Nevada$127,900
Physical Therapist Salary in Alaska$96,350
Physical Therapist Salary in New Jersey$92,380
Physical Therapist Salary in California$92,120
Physical Therapist Salary in Texas$91,560

Factors affecting physical therapist salaries

Physical therapists are in high demand. The salaries provided indicate that location plays a major role in the salary of a physical therapist, but other factors, such as experience and industry, also affect earnings.

1. Experience

Experience can lead to being a head physical therapist in a facility, which will pay more. Typically, the more experience a person has, the higher the salary they can demand.

2. Location

Nevada pays far more than any other state when it comes to a PT’s salary. Alaska, the second highest paying state in the industry pays their physical therapists $30,000 less than Nevada. Metropolitan areas routinely pay more than their suburb counterparts.

3. Industry

Industry plays a major role in salary. Physical therapists who make house calls in the Home Health Care Service will earn $94,600 per year, while working in a nursing care center will provide a salary of $88,890 per year. These salaries are based on the mean wage in an industry.

Physical therapists are in very high demand and their job outlook between 2012 and 2022 shows growth of 36%, which is much faster than average.

Training and Certification Requirements

Physical therapists will need to obtain a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. This degree must come from an accredited university or college.

Before entering into a DPT program, a person must have a bachelor’s degree. The degree that the person majors in is not of importance, but the person will need to take classes in anatomy, physiology, chemistry, physics and biology. The pre-requisite requirements will vary from one program to the next.

After admission, a person will need to remain in a program for an average of 3 years before obtaining their degree. Studies will include biology and physiology among many other science-based core classes.

A clinical internship is required and will be done under supervision.

A clinical residency may or may not be required and will start after a person graduates. Residences last approximately 1 year, and provide extra education and experience for a physical therapist who wants to specialize in a particular area of therapy, such as sports medicine

Practicing physical therapists will be required to be licensed. Every state in the country has their own exam, and a therapist must also complete the National Physical Therapy Examination.

Continued education is a requirement and will allow a therapist to remain licensed.

There are also board-certified specializations that a therapist can earn. There are 8 total specializations all administered by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.

International Physical Therapist Salaries

CountriesAnnual Salary
Physical Therapy Salary in the U.K£21,000 ~ £51,285
Physical Therapy Salary in CanadaC$72,000 ~ C$97,000
Physical Therapy Salary in CanadaAU$54,052 ~ AU$80,590


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