Radiologist Salary in 2018

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The Average Salary 

The average salary of radiologist in US is $370,848.

A radiologist is a medical specialist who is trained to interpret medical images, such as X-rays, MRIs and ultrasounds. In addition, they also perform other traditional physician tasks, like examining patients, diagnosing illnesses, prescribing treatments and taking a patient’s medical history. Because of their specialized training, radiologists earn even higher salaries than the average physician.

  • Median Radiologist Salary
  • Lowest and Highest Salary
  • Salary Range for Middle 50%





Average $370,848


$430,011 ($207/h)

Average $370,848







The middle 50% salary range for radiologists does not take into account the top and bottom 25% of earners. When this data is removed, prospective radiologists are left with a more accurate picture of the salary range they can expect to earn after working in the field for a year.

The Total Salary Package

Base Salary represents 77% : 

Benefits and bonuses includes : 

Retirement Accounts

Health Insurance

Time Off

Social Security

Other Perks


Along with their annual salary, radiologists will typically receive health insurance benefits, retirement benefits, pension and paid time off. These additional benefits can boost the median radiologist salary to $482,677.

Cities with the highest paying radiologists

CitiesAnnual Salary
Interventional radiologists salary in New York$437,267
Interventional radiologists salary in Washington$409,416
Interventional radiologists salary in Los Angeles$406,598
Interventional radiologists salary in Boston$400,516

States with the highest paying radiologists

Factors affecting radiologist salaries

There are numerous factors that affect a radiologist’s salary. Just like any other medical professional, experience, training and expertise will have a major impact on how much (or how little) a radiologist earns. Those with many years of experience will earn a salary that fits into the top 10th percentile.

1. Industry

According to, the vast majority of radiologists (roughly 86%) work in the healthcare industry. Only a small percentage work in the biotechnology field or the education/government/non-profit sector. Radiologists in the healthcare field will earn higher wages as their expertise and skill are valuable and in high demand.

2. Location

Location also plays a role in the salary a radiologist earns. Cost of living, demand and quality of healthcare will vary from one city to the next and have an effect on how much a radiologist earns.

Those who work in New York City, for example, will earn the highest salary in the country simply because the city is well-known for having some of the best healthcare facilities in the United States. Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. offer similar salaries due to the level of healthcare and higher cost of living in these areas. Alternatively, radiologists in Jacksonville, FL only earn a median salary of $346,557, which is lower than the national median salary.

3. Outlook

The occupational outlook for radiologists is excellent. According to the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook, employment for physicians and surgeons (which is the category radiologists fall under) will increase 18% between 2012 and 2022.

Training and Certification Requirements

Radiologists must go through extensive educational training in order to enter this field. A doctorate degree as well as specialized training are required.

Careers in radiology begin just like any other medical career: with a pre-medical degree. This is a Bachelor of Science degree that fulfills the prerequisite for admission into medical school. Classes will vary from one school to another, but a typical pre-med curriculum includes biology, chemistry, physics and organic chemistry. Courses related to radiation and physics are especially beneficial for radiologists.

From here, budding radiologists must enter medical school. It may be beneficial to attend a university that is associated with a hospital that has a reputable radiology department. Courses will include human anatomy, medical ethics, pharmacology, physiology, microbiology and other related courses.

After graduating from medical school, students will enter a specialized residency program. Radiologists will spend their first year in an internship practicing general medicine. Next, they will take a national licensing exam. Some states will also have additional requirements. To become a certified radiologist through the American Board of Radiologists, the exam must be taken within six years of completing a residency. After becoming a board-certified radiologist, this certification must be maintained through continuing education and earning a certain number of credits each year.

International Radiologist Salaries

CountriesAnnual Salary
Radiologist Salary in the U.K£76,056 – £129,033
Radiologist Salary in CanadaC$30,201 – C$199,553
Radiologist Salary in AustraliaAU$60,000 – AU$196,527


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